Hobbies for Stress Relief

Many people without hobbies think they will be bored by them, but the opposite is often true. Hobbies provide a relaxing way to create and maintain relationships with others, take up valuable time in a productive way, and help reduce stress.

People who consider themselves extremely busy often think that having hobbies sounds like an indulgence or luxury that cannot fit into their packed schedules. If one of yours happens to be stressed out because of work, school, family life, etc., then you might want to reconsider that outlook.

A hobby can be anything from gardening and cooking to creating and playing in your own band (or even starting one). There’s no reason for stress-free people not to have one; in fact, everyone could benefit from at least one.

What happens to your extra time?

People, especially those who feel like they can’t afford the luxury of a hobby, may wonder what would happen to their extra time if they did have one.

We all know the answer because we’ve seen it in countless movies and TV shows: you become so much more productive than your boss or teacher that you quickly surpass them both in terms of success. People who pursue healthy hobbies often find themselves more successful at work and happier during leisure time.

People with hobbies don’t usually sit around idle when they’re not working; instead, they spend their spare time doing things that are fulfilling (and even creatively stimulating) on an individual level. When they get home from a long day of work, school, or family responsibilities, they aren’t exhausted; rather, their energy is built for whatever comes next in their lives.

Building a community to share with

Hobbies are a great way to create and maintain relationships with others. Some hobbies require a partner or crew, but even those that do not often leave an opportunity for socializing among members. For example, making resin molds and casts of broken objects requires a friend to hold the pieces steady while they’re being molded, but it also creates an excuse to spend time together.

You probably want to spend time with people who understand why exactly you love gardening as much as you do – living life in full could never mean being alone forever! Just don’t go coming up with excuses for too many late nights at the office because of “that person” from your book club if your job’s making it difficult to see your loved ones regularly.

Taking up valuable time in a productive way

You can make it anything you want, and you’ll enjoy yourself more than if you spent the same amount of time pouting that life’s not fair because your boss/teacher/parents didn’t get that memo. You might even find that all of your hobbies somehow bleed together to create something entirely new and fabulous! Not having enough “me” time is rarely an issue when everyone else gets why it needs to happen.

Helping reduce stress

Some people need hobbies more than the average person, such as those dealing with chronic or serious illness or who work stressful jobs. Hobbies help provide a release from work and school, as well as offer other benefits that can have positive effects on health.

For example, spending time outdoors gardening or hiking might improve your immune system if you’re fighting off an illness. The physical activity involved with walking the dog could be the best thing for you after a few rounds of chemotherapy if it leaves you too tired to care about anything else for hours afterward.

You don’t need hobbies at all if stress relief isn’t one of your concerns; even so, having something you’re passionate about will make everything else go much more smoothly, at least some of the time. Sewing and crocheting, tending a garden, and cooking can all be part of your everyday life, or they can be full-time activities with flexible hours. Either way, hobbies are more than just something to do when you have time.


Taking up new things is always fun and sometimes frustrating, but the knowledge that comes along with learning to do something worth doing is probably worth that.

Hobbies can bring many benefits to your life, especially if you have a full schedule and feel like there’s never enough time for relaxation. Whether it’s learning something new or spending more time with friends, or simply engaging in an activity you find meaningful, you’ll enjoy hobbies more than ever when they don’t seem like work on top of everything else.