Internal communication is a key strategic tool in companies, since through a good use of corporate information we can correctly convey to employees the strategic objectives and values ​​promoted by the organization, which generates a culture of appropriation, fidelity and sense of belonging to the company by its human talent that feels motivated and valued by having clear and defined principles and challenges facing the company.

Of course, communication within companies has always been present, since through it the information circulates and employees, managers and managers are related, but not all companies are aware of the need to implement a solid policy, it continues and dynamic information management that involves all the members of the organization, as a strategic response to the complexity of the changes and challenges of managing a company, whatever the size, in these times of high competitiveness and economic crises that come and go and do not allow such errors.

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Human talent is the true engine that moves and produces the results of companies and in order not to lose competitiveness, the best must always be retained. For this reason, to increase the performance and motivation of employees, we must make them feel integrated and in line with the philosophy of the organization through the clear circulation of messages that instill values, vision, mission, goals and corporate strategies.

An adequate communication policy should include the dissemination of accurate information about what is happening inside the company, to avoid destructive external rumors that disseminate media or competition, on matters such as staff cuts, dismissal of high positions , bankruptcies, sales or alliances of companies. It should also include the dissemination and socialization of the results and management indicators and the establishment of channels for the resolution of problems or situations that arise between employees or with the addresses of the different departments.

The communication strategy must always be bidirectional, this means to establish a constant dialogue between collaborators and superiors and not to think that the former are simple subjects who receive orders or listen to information, constant and collaborative interaction between employees and management is needed. Feedback and joint evaluation of the functions and compliance indicators among all those involved plays a fundamental role in achieving the satisfaction and motivation of human talent.

Having clear the aspects that we must include in our communication strategy, the next step is to establish the channels to make it effective. Traditional methods such as billboards, annual or semiannual conventions, circulars and informational meetings are always valid to achieve our goal but we can also rely on other more innovative tools and in line with the current era of information technology.

The establishment of an internal communication network, or intranet, or the realization of video conferences are recommended for their immediacy and for the possibility of interaction that allows a motivation of modern and effective human talent. Internal journals are also an interesting, effective and dynamic method that allows the collaboration of employees to be included and that, if rigorously elaborated, generate reliability and credibility among the organization that allow the dissemination of information of all kinds about the company, benefits for employees and the latest news about the company’s field of action.

Thus, internal communication in organizations is nowadays one of its biggest challenges in the era of the information society, if we do not worry about appropriating our employees and keeping them informed of the information and news of our company With difficulty, we will be able to respond competitively and satisfactorily to the demands of our clients and we will take a step back in establishing an optimal working environment that will strengthen the productivity of companies.


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