Many of us felt a feeling of unbalance and anxiety this past week when our everyday routines became upended. This occurs to me that plenty of our customers feel common emotions as they encounter a legal problem.

The entire earth has gone mad for sanitizing hands. Covid-19, the latest corona-virus strain, has taken the globe to an abrupt standstill, with people being told to remain at home, and medical workers being inundated with cases and urgency to nip the virus in the bud. It almost sounds like a PG variant of an dystopian zombie movie; streets are empty, stores have been searched and if anybody braved the outside world, they would definitely wear gloves and mask to safeguard them from killer virus.

Corona virus lets us know that we are looking for assurance. We needed to know initially if this intangible danger was actually a hazard. We needed to learn how to defend ourselves and our loved ones, until we learned that it was. We also want to learn how long and how much it would continue.

These are also concerns many of our clients pose as they consider themselves in a challenging and frustrating legal environment. As lawyers, it is our job to minimize the risks of our clients to the greatest extent possible, and to explain what risks remain so that with our guidance our clients can make thoughtful decisions.

Corona virus makes one wish for technical know-how. We’re appealing to physicians and nurses to defend and heal us. To grasp the danger and create a vaccine, we look to the experts. We trust and are optimistic that their knowledge and expertise can bring us out of a problem we cannot handle on our own. The clients come to us for a common technological experience. This is our duty as attorneys to strive to improve ourselves, to benefit about any legal issue we work with and to become the most professional attorneys we can be and support our clients in times of difficulty.

Corona virus is what makes us seek professional leadership. We look to government to see the issue for what it is, and to reply quickly and smartly with a proposal to address it. We get frightened and upset when there’s a shortage of the leadership. If we have the leadership we feel more safe and comfortable. Our customers come to us, searching for that feeling of security and safety. This is our role as attorneys to direct our clients in what is a significant time in their life, to them.

I hope to take advantage of the unease that I had as a learning opportunity this past week. I must try much harder, under highly ambiguous legal conditions, to offer my clients as much assurance as I can. I’ll strive to improve my expertise and represent my clients competently. I ‘m trying to be more empathic and guide my consumers through difficult times. Let’s use the insight for a good aspect.

Even if there is continuing confusion in the legal community as to what we should do to support, during this odd and overwhelming period we have seen societies come together.Many lawyers are asking what we might do to support the nation through the recession while also supplying our clients with useful resources. It is perhaps the most basic query and one that is resolved may prove to be a turning point in the legal field.


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