We can all agree that going to a playground when we were kids was the absolute peak of our day. No wonder our kids feel the same about modern playgrounds. Playgrounds aren’t only swings, slides and monkey bars. They provide our youngsters with great benefits. 

Many parents are sceptical about the importance of playgrounds. But did you know they are crucial for your little ones’ development? From physical to mental development, playgrounds are the highlight of the magical period called childhood. How can they help your kid develop?

1. Learning through play

Many studies have proven that the best way for kids to learn is through play. Even though playing is a child’s way of engaging in interesting activities, play is a crucial aspect of learning. But how can a playground contribute to the little one’s brain and educational development?

As you probably know, children use a lot of imagination when playing. Imagination is a fantastic way of developing creativity that is one of the essential skills they’ll need through education and life. On top of that, playing teaches your youngsters that learning isn’t boring and it encourages curiosity which can be extremely helpful later on. 

2.  Social development

Socialisation is a vital part of your kids’ development. They need to learn how to communicate with their peers and adults. It’s all part of a healthy upbringing. That’s why taking them to a playground is important for their development. How?

While they play with kids, they learn how to communicate, cooperate and work with other kids. They increase their social intelligence and broaden their circle of friends, which is amazing for their self-confidence. Make them feel proud of themselves when they successfully communicate with their peers. It teaches them that social interaction is important, and the way you communicate with others builds stronger bonds that are meant to last. 

3. Physical benefits

It’s quite obvious that playgrounds play a big role in children’s physical development. Besides tiring them out for bedtime, on the playground, they develop very important skills for the life. So, what are the main physical benefits of the playground?

Firstly, while they are playing on the playground, children improve flexibility and balance. Through play, they learn to balance on one leg only and occasionally shift balance when needed. Another reason why physical activity is important for kids is to develop motor skills and coordination. Thirdly, physical activity boosts their immune system, making them resistant to different kinds of viruses and bacteria. Last, but not least, playing on playgrounds develops and strengthens your children’s muscles.

4. Patience and persistence

Some of the most important things kids can learn on the playground are patience and persistence. Winners are those who don’t give up! It may be hard for youngsters to overcome different obstacles on the playground course.

However, if they keep on trying, they will not only succeed but develop patience, perseverance and persistence, which are crucial in life. If you want to broaden their set of skills, consider purchasing your own playground equipment, so your youngsters have available fun at hand. They can practice difficult playground activities on their own, and have a huge sense of accomplishment once they master the skill. 

5. Emotional impacts

Did you know that play is also beneficial for emotional development? Even though playgrounds offer obvious social and physical perks, they develop an emotional aspect which is also vital. How can playgrounds help in emotional development?

Believe it or not, youngsters also experience stress and frustration, especially when they have an unsatisfied need. If their goal is to cross the monkey bars, but they keep failing, stress, anger and frustration are natural consequences. However, the playground can teach them to control their emotions and reduce stress through physical activity. In addition to that, it teaches your children healthy coping mechanisms to overcome obstacles and boosts their self-esteem once they succeed!


 There are too many developmental benefits of playgrounds to count. That’s why you should never neglect their need to go out and play with their peers. Similarly, having their own playground equipment can help them work on their skills more often and experience faster boosts of self-confidence and gain strength. 

Would you like to see your child happy and healthy? Then get them a playground where they can improve their skills and grow as a person!


  • Stella is an art historian, traveler, conscious consumer and a proud mother. When she is not trying to improve the things around her (and herself, for that matter), she likes to lose herself in a good book.