Three Great Reasons & Tips to Show Appreciation to Your VolunteersVolunteers are an important part of an organization’s success and deserve appreciation for their time and efforts. Any form of gratitude will receive a positive response, but does it appeal to the individual? Have you ever received a gift that seemed like it was not meant for you? Appreciation is an act that shows how much you value an individual, their service, and their support.

Here are three tips to show thoughtfulness when expressing gratitude:

Recognize the Individual
It was a collaborative effort to get the job done, but maintain focus on the individual. Recognize their contribution and their work to help appreciation practices feel more genuine.

Customize the Appreciation Gift to Fit Interests
Everyone is different. Take a special interest in things the person likes to celebrate their individuality. It shows that you care and that you are sincerely invested in the person.

Be Prompt & Establish a Pattern
Avoid letting long periods go by before expressing gratitude. Volunteers will feel more appreciated if an organization responds soon after the tasks have been completed. Establishing a pattern shows ongoing thankfulness and gives volunteers something to look forward to.

Here are three beneficial reasons to show thankfulness:

To Show Appreciation
It feels great to know that you are appreciated and that your hard work is recognized. Being a part of a cause greater than yourself gives an individual a feeling of accomplishment, but knowing that you are independently valued is a well-deserved personal triumph.

To Encourage the Individual to Continue to Volunteer
When an individual is recognized, it encourages them to perform better. When other volunteer opportunities arise, they will most likely choose the venue where they feel most appreciated.

To Build Repoire Within the Organization
Building relationships and maintaining them can help the organization thrive and attract more volunteers to support the cause.

Utilize the best organization volunteer practices to ensure that helpers will want to continue providing service to your cause. These tips will demonstrate that you are invested in the individuals as well as the organization. Always be sincere and your recognition efforts will continue to reap benefits. Investing in volunteer recognition can help your organization continue on its successful path.

Originally published on Richard Simon Chicago’s website.