Equal human rights; fairness, equal treatment, and equal opportunities to obtain jobs, healthcare, and the like. While society tries to focus on their “rights” of all humans, it’s an evident fact that, unfortunately, equality doesn’t come for all. When it comes to human equality, some situations and circumstances prevent us as humans from experiencing equal treatment within our current society. The categories of religion, race, and gender (to mention a few) are where we typically tend to see the social injustice that keeps us from living in a society where all humans are treated and deemed as equals. From healthcare to education and employment, here are a few reasons why working toward obtaining social justice is essential in our society:

Improves Educational Opportunities

Ending the cycle of human inequality begins with a solid educational foundation. Education allows individuals to build skills and open doors for future employment opportunities. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that everyone is easily able to obtain. Many individuals that grew up in underprivileged areas don’t have access to adequate educational opportunities. Missing out on the opportunity for a quality education based on living circumstances or location is a perfect example of social injustice issues in today’s society.                              

Ensures Suitable Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one of the largest and most important industries in our country and another area where citizens experience a substantial amount of inequality. Social justice in healthcare focuses on creating and providing equal and adequate opportunities for individuals in all social classes to be able to obtain healthcare programs that offer affordable insurance plans and access to necessary education and medical care.  

Protects Against Various Forms of Discrimination

One of the most significant focuses within social justice is to protect against and reduce discrimination of all types; it’s safe to say that discrimination is one of the most common and prevalent forms of social injustice. Race, ethnicity, and gender are only a few examples of discrimination that someone can face. Whether it’s within the professional world or the justice system, it happens every day. When social justice becomes something that’s regularly practiced within our society, it brings us closer to putting an end to the discrimination that occurs so often. 



Originally published on manishgaurcolorado.net