We learn everything in childhood: how to walk, how to talk, how to write and how to read. Every essential skill is being taught to us by our parents. Those are people we share the most memories with. They show us how to love, how to connect with people and how to take care of them. 

However, nowadays some tend to give up teaching the ability to build social relationships. 

Phones and laptops are taking over our lives completely. We get involved in unrealistic social media lives more than we do in the real ones. We build social relationships on the Internet. Friends are acquired on Facebook, the love of our lives is waiting for us on Tinder. Our baby is on the pictures on Instagram.

Your child does not see it like that. They just see a mom or a dad absorbed into pieces of plastic and glass. When they try to interact with you, they get the same piece of plastic and glass with colorful games in it. The answer to hundreds of ‘why?’ is in Google. The swings on the back yard are dark and silent.

It is utterly wrong. The social relationship is crucial for your child. 

Why is Social Relationship Important to Your Child?

Physical, emotional and social development rely on social relationships children acquire in their early years. Children are adapting behavior patterns of patterns while looking at how they interact with each other and with their child as well.

Relationships with parents, friends or pets even are the firm ground for developing socio-emotional skills. The last ones are responsible for our capacity to build relationships with adults and peers, to secure them, and to express and understand our emotions. Exactly those skills influence our further development and experiences. They are a part of learning how to learn. 

Communication skills, creativity, ability to explore the world, react to hardships are what social relationships give to your child. Obviously, without all of this, a human being will have a hard time functioning in society. 

Quality Matters

Yet, having any relationship is only being halfway there. The quality of this relationship matters. 

You have to build up a consistent and sensitive relationship with your child. Being overly active one day and not interacting with the kid on the other is not your best choice. 

As you remember, children kind of copy our behavior. Therefore, a moody individual is probably not what you would want your child to be. Even worse, by that pattern, you are showing that all relationships are not steady. They are constant ups and downs, which is not healthy. 

A secure relationship, on the contrary, will give your child a feeling that they can always get help and a person to confide in. Your child will understand that they are worthy and loved. Therefore, in further relationships, they will not fight fiercely for pieces of love and prove their worthiness to somebody. 

Optimistic and confident behavior of yours can be an example for your child. They will learn how to cope with stress without yelling at everyone. It can also help them to acquire problem-solving skills.

How to: High-Quality Social Relationship with Your Child

  • Warm interactions

Do not forget to tell that you love them. Even on the bad days, when they disappointed you, tell them that you love them no matter what. Not only for being nice or getting a good grade, show that you love them unconditionally. 

Smiling and giving eye contact can help you to warm up your relationship as well.

  • Listen 

That is highly important. Listen about their ups and downs, try to understand their emotions, do not call their problems childish or stupid. Yes, you do not remember how important it was to get a sticker from the nurse. Nevertheless, it was the most important thing for you once as well as it is important for your child now. 

Show your child that you do understand them, that you see them.

  • Set boundaries and rules

That is essential to understand that there are some things that one should not do. Be the guide for your child in the world of restrictions but do not show your guidance by getting physical or shouting.

  • Be present

Playing with your child and having a phone call with your boss at the same time is not building a healthy social relationship. Your child deserves more than halves of someone`s attention, right?

  • Help with problems

A child will not know how to deal with problems until you show it. Be an example of wise and informed decisions. It does not mean though that you have to solve all their problems. Ask about what they would do in the situation the next time and show all pros and cons of such a decision. 

Creating a strong bond with your child is something you have to put a lot of effort into. However, it also affects their lives in such a deep way that the importance of the social relationship with your child could not be overemphasized. Your hard work will pay off when you see your child building healthy relationships. 

Your effort is worth it.