The article provides information on the important facts of healthy sleep, how many hours to sleep per day, why it is important to get out of sleep, what is the risk of regular sleep deprivation, sleep and day conditions.

Why is a full-fledged sleep a guarantee of a healthy life?

John Breese from Happysleepyhead noted that maintaining a sleep schedule is important for being healthy because it allows your body to find its sleep-wake cycle naturally. In particular, he noted that people are becoming more annoying and forgetful about chronic sleep deprivation, the phenomenon of regular lack of sleep often leads to the appearance of depressive states, which, in turn, can provoke the development of various diseases, depression delivers significant psychological troubles, a significant decline in work capacity in a person, the effectiveness of organization and planning of their working day. During the phenomenon of permanent lack of sleep, it is much harder for you to work, to solve a variety of work and personal issues the next day, the brain downloaded yesterday’s information, not having enough rest, simply cope with new volumes of information, according to sleepfoundation.

The correct schedule for sleep provides a healthy, full rest for the whole body, the dream, in this case, serves not only a small part of a comfortable rest, but it also acts as a vital necessity. The time period from 9 pm to 1 o’clock is called the unloading space for the human nervous system.

Sleep schedule: what do you need to know?

In the modern world, sleep, as a process that supports the healthy livelihoods of man, he was carefully studied, carried out many scientific experiments. On their basis is written many exciting informational cognitive articles, books and various scientific works. All experiments, various scientific studies conducted by scientists from all over the world set out to learn about the usefulness of sleep, the importance of adhering to the schedule of sleep, and how exactly this schedule affects human well-being throughout the day. All the studies and experiments carried out have proved that people who do not follow the schedule of sleep, do not get sick, work constantly at night, instead of sleeping, within 2-3 years significantly deteriorate their health, often they arise depression and various psychological disorders that arise in the background of the inadequate functioning of their nervous system. There are many people forced to work at night at work, in this case, it is important to sleep at least two o’clock in the night before working.

It is very important to develop the correct schedule for a night of healthy sleep. Often, abnormal work kills not only the schedule of sleep but also the rhythm of human life, it leads to a loss of sleep, leaves the important energy that is needed for active life, then there is a high probability of a variety of psychological depressive disorders, not a stable emotional state and the development of various illnesses. When drawing up a sleep schedule, it is important to know that a dream that benefits the body should be at least 7-8 hours a day, after 6-7 o’clock in the morning, sleep is not harmful, but it does not bring the desired benefits of the human body. Sleep after 8 am is considered harmful, since such a dream negatively affects the nervous system. Interesting statistical fact: most people who go to sleep early and get up at about 5 am had made significant financial success.

Many young people have a nightlife (work, rest, nightclubs), they believe that daytime sleep is more useful that night. However, it has been scientifically proven that night activity is harmful to any person. Young people, in whom the body only develops, it is difficult to feel at a general state of health. But over time, the lack of normal healthy sleep and non-observance of the schedule of sleep will necessarily affect your well-being.

Rules of healthy sleep

The schedule of sleep needs to be edited since, over time, each person undergoes changes in the level of blood hormones, behavioral type, and other changes in physiology. However, you always need to schedule a healthy sleep, it is extremely important for a good state of health and well-being.

There are certain rules that will allow you to schedule a healthy sleep, which is important to follow, these are the following rules:

  • It is advisable to drink a cup of warm milk with a spoon of honey before bedtime;
  • It is not necessary to eat before bed, it does not promote healthy sleep;
  • Do not watch TV, read books, sit on your smartphone/tablet before bedtime;
  • It is not recommended to work at your computer before going to bed;
  • It is advisable to stroll in the fresh air before going to bed;
  • Do not forget to ventilate the room before bed.

When creating a schedule of your sleep, always remember that an adult should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. The most correct and optimal option is the following: you need to sleep the way your body requires it. Pay attention to your own state of health, someone has enough 6 hours to sleep, someone 8, someone 10, this phenomenon is individual. Such a schedule of sleep should always be observed, this will prevent the development of various diseases, the emergence of various psychological and depressive disorders.


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