Your wellbeing and why it is the beginning of everything you do.

Over the last few weeks, I have been introduced to many different ideas about what our wellbeing means to us.I have been learning the beautiful and complex science around positive psychology and all of the ways we look to improve our inside to help our outside world.

In my area of the digital world, there has always been an emphasis on “How you show up” and your “Energy” being portrayed as desired for your ideal client and your audiences, networks, and loved ones. What if you don’t even really know yourself though? What if in the time you have had on this planet you have been so busy surviving that you have never introduced yourself to thriving?

I saw a quote once that said “Once you know psychology you no longer get angry with people, because you understand why they do what they do”, But, do you know why you do what you do? Have you ever given yourself the grace and time to truly connect to who you really are?

In my experience, I did a lot of distracting myself from my truth for a number of years. I even remember thinking as a teenager that I could change myself to fit what other people would want from me. I have a strength or a skill in being exactly what that person wants or needs. In the endless pursuit of being fake liked and having no true meaningful connections because I never allowed myself to be who I really am. This is a topic my inner critic would love to roast me for but I actually totally forgive myself. I had zero well-being role models. I did not know myself. I didn’t know I needed to.

As businesswomen, my clients come to me to gain clarity on their strategy, on their message and on their systems and customer journeys. I adore talking about digital business and it has been such a pleasure of mine to build and work within my own but the difficulty that we are often faced within this space is that some of the clients who come to me for this support don’t yet fully have a grasp on who they are or what they really want. You cannot truly gain clarity on your business work until you gain clarity on yourself as a person first. Why is this business your focus, what does it mean to you? and why?

A client of mine who had been exposed to so many models, frameworks, and suggestions came to me earlier on in the year and expressed her desire for removing them from her strategy. She had tried them, considered the benefits and also the energy required to keep them going. She knew/knows herself so beautifully that she was able to look at the situation from a birds-eye view and eliminate what was not serving her purpose and in tandem the higher purpose of her brand. It was beautiful to witness and of course, she had my full support. Always will. We don’t all have that ability, it is easy to be swept up in “what works” rather than “what works for me?”

Are you compromising your own needs and goals to fit a model because you have seen it work for others?

Are you looking at yourself and finding ways to make you fit a mould, rather than creating a mould that is unique to you?

I invite you to take a look at some of the most prestigious business people in the world. Did they follow in the footsteps of those before them or were they the first to walk the path? In order to know the path, you want to walk you have to know yourself and your goals deeply. To know yourself and your goals you may need to consider your wellbeing.

I invite you to answer these questions for yourself.

Do you want more money? Or do you want the freedom money provides? or both?

Do you want to work more hours because you love what you do? Or do you want to work less hours and enjoy more time that isn’t attached to a result or task completion?

Do you want to be where you are in 5 years time? If no, then what does five years from now you look like? What do you do with your time?, how do you look?, feel? Where are you in the world? Why is that place the place that you want to be?

Throughout our pursuit of greatness or freedom or fulfilment in this life we can ignore the most important stem from which it all flows. That’s YOU by the way!

What would tomorrow look like if you put yourself first? Your business prospects, goals and ultimately results are a direct reflection of what you have to offer. If your cup isn’t plentiful then how can you extend yourself to offer so much to your people?

Now this is the part where you tell me that the moment you take yourself some time to retreat and reconnect with your inner self you see so many people doing things you wish you could do. You feel behind and get swept up in the need of “Doing” which makes “Being” really tough. I hear you. I recognise that feeling too. Each of us has times when we need to regain or recoup our energy. This may be a spiritual practice for you or it may be simply allowing yourself to fully explore your messaging, or even to refine your ideal client or figure out your up-and-coming offers. Whatever you need to do then honor that season. Your genius is dependant on you being well. You can’t rush or force what is meant to be but you can develop and you can evolve. Your patience may just be the virtue that glues all of this together. When you truly understand your why and yourself to a master level then you can truly form your message, you can tailor everything you do around this. It actually makes things a lot easier and allows you to have a consistent goal without switching and changing your mind.

Know thyself first and then build everything you want from this life around that knowledge.

Take some time to do what you need, whatever that may be, and remember that it is well being not well-doing.

You will probably discover so many special things about yourself that will surprise you and allow you to celebrate the wonderfulness of YOU.

D x