A letter to my pre-pandemic self

For many of us, life has changed and for many of we may have lost loved ones, changed careers lost income, the ability to earn, felt isolated, adapted and changed lifestyle habits, felt guilty about enjoying the change in lifestyle, felts isolated, the lost jobs adapted and they key to the pandemic for me is embracing the wisdom for the future.

Although we may not have been able to fathom the unprecedented times ahead, the mindset that I have adopted is to grow through any situation is a challenge. This means treating every day like the present and daily exercising and practicing gratitude, balance, connection, love, striving for more, and approaching challenges.

Having lost people and going through isolation one thing that has been prevalent and top of mind is not leaving anything for ‘later’. Before the pandemic I work hard always for the future, a future goal for the future in mind sometimes not appreciating the present circumstances. The pandemic has taught me to stop and take a check of accomplishments, progress, and challenges.

Having been through my own fair share of challenges in life, one of the things that the last year has reminded me of is my ability to remain calm and focused. An emphasis on thriving, surviving and remaining solution-focused has helped me to be resilient during the pandemic.

After months of hard work in preparation for workshops and events are moving into a new office, I was horrified a mortified that my hard work will come to a standstill with no end in mind after we went into lockdown.


This meant losing income streams clients and potential customers and resulted in me having to pivot and I chose to focus on that which I had the power over. I set to task to upscaling and focused on my services which could help others during this time and my digital, transformation, career path enabled me to have a focus.

Whilst others may have been Netflixing, Becoming cooking fanatics, or exercising pros, I went all-in on the recovery of my business and maximizing career opportunities. Was being present and make in the family. I have had to navigate canceled birthdays, celebrations, launches, dates, funerals, and events, I  wish I knew beforehand to make the most of the present. Put yourself first, how many times have I put others’ needs before mine. Make time for your health, mind, Spirituality, basic needs, and stop self-sacrificing.

Learn to say no, as a recovered self-confessed people pleaser it is often difficult to say no, particularly when you want to help and please. Ensure that even when you want to help it is not at the risk of yourself. Putting yourself last, missing deadlines, impacting and hindering your own goals.

So often we are scared to dare to live a life we truly desire or set the goals and stick to them, to achieve the life that we truly are aiming for.