New World Events is a company that specializes in creating digital and hybrid events and conferences for its clients. It is the best digital and hybrid events platform to date. Their track record is flawless, with thousands of successful virtual and hybrid events under their belt. They have also collaborated with various companies such as T-Mobile, EUROPOL, Seek, The University of Adelaide, Allianz Global Investors, and SAP.

A Founder and Team Immersed in the Digital World

Founder and CEO of the company Michael Alf has a remarkable digital history. He set up this company as a global and remote business from the beginning. In 2020, he built an international team in six countries. They have never met, partly due to the pandemic; however, they continue to work closely together as a team.

The New World Events team has their own digital home where they meet and discuss projects. Therefore, the business epitomizes the future of work. Furthermore, the team has developed solutions to help other organizations successfully pursue a similar path. The team is excited about future opportunities and is willing to work with organizations open to this path.

Michael Alf Believes in Agility

One skill that Michael has exercised that has contributed to the success of his business is personal agility. 

He claims that people always talk about being agile in the business context, but hardly anyone practices this personally.

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before, and having personal agility means that you can adjust and adapt to change positively. Your mindset, tools, and methods are all ready to effectively handle change faster and more effective than many others can.

As a high-performance coach, Alf developed the personal agility index to help people see where they are on their journey and what they can do to improve. 

New World Events Supports Agile Companies

New World Events is a company that, from its inception, has anticipated change and can adjust accordingly. Alf begun with Virtual Summits when he lived in Australia back in 2015. At the time, only very few people, especially those in the corporate setting, spoke and were passionate about virtual events.

However, they still created several huge events with thousands of global participants. From this, he wrote his book titled “The Virtual Summit Formula,” which quickly became an Amazon Bestseller in multiple countries. Even six years after publishing the book, the majority of the content is still relevant today.

New World Events helps provide their clients with a platform for their digital and hybrid events with individual and global support. Never before has collaborated with a company been so easy.
The team members offer creative and professional advice and are ready to hear your ideas and concerns. They also provide effective solutions. New World Events is the #1 digital and hybrid events platform and the home of professionalism, innovation, and creativity.