Reid Heidenry wasn’t always a top real estate agent for Sotheby’s Miami Beach; it took him 16 years of dedication, discipline, and commitment to his craft. 

Heidenry grew up in the Midwest, where he enjoyed the family-centric life in his home city of St. Louis. When looking for a college, he wanted a diverse city that would let him grow and achieve a happy medium in life. 

What did he find in Miami: A Caribbean flavor that permeates the city and exposure to people from all over the world. The feeling that he is on a never-ending vacation is reinforced at places such as The Standard, which Heidenry sees as a hidden gem because of its amazing pool, jaw-dropping sunsets, and diverse crowd. He is also a fan of Socialista Lounge in Brickell. 

Miami, he said, has a further advantage in that the state has no income tax. He also says that Miami is a young city compared to others, emphasizing that it will only continue to grow and attract more people. 

Heidenry doesn’t have a typical workday, some are dedicated to working on the computer, others are made up of showings and meeting with clients, others are a combination. During such showings, he gets to see some of the coolest and most expensive homes and penthouses the city has to offer Consistency, discipline and a real interest in people are the main ingredients to his success. When he moved to Miami, he knew only those who he befriended in college – he currently has a large network of clients who have been a vital source for his success. For those looking to mirror his success, Heidenry underscores the importance of enjoying the present moment. He says that as he has accomplished goals he set for himself in the past several years, he always takes time to reflect so he can improve and grow. When he is not working, Heidenry enjoys traveling, watching Netflix, and having dinner with friends. 

Heidenry is considered one of the top real estate agents under the age of 40 in Miami and Miami Beach. To get in touch with Reid regarding real estate, contact him here. Follow his Instagram to get an inside look at his life and all the best things about Miami.