The International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) is an international boutique networking organization who handpicks the worlds finest, most prestigious top professionals from different industries.  These top professionals are given an opportunity to collaborate, share their ideas, be keynote speakers and to help influence others in their fields.

This organization is not a membership that anyone can join.  You have to be asked by the President or be nominated by a distinguished honorary member after a brief interview.

With almost 2 decades of experience, IAOTP’s group of publishers, IT experts, PR, Marketing and Branding professionals, have helped thousands of top prestigious professionals get the recognition and credibility that they deserve and have helped in building their branding empires.  Our company prides itself to be a one of a kind boutique networking organization who hand picks only the best of the best and creates a networking platform that connects and brings these top professionals to one place.

IAOTP offers its members 1 on 1 educational and networking experiences to fully customize their branding, networking and marketing.  Some products and services we offer but are not limited to are customized press releases that are launched on FOX ABC CBS NBC CW, The Times, Daily Journal, Travel Weekly and many other mainstream media.  We customize online videos, commercials, design websites, Search-Engine-Optimization (S.E.O).  We get our honored members to be seen on the Reuters Building in Times Square NY and we host annual conferences, events, and a prestigious annual awards gala that recognizes the most accomplished professionals in their respective industries.  But career growth and recognition isn’t the only benefit of joining IAOTP.  Many would say that the lasting friendships, experiences and memories shared with professionals from around the world is the best part of being a member.

We had an opportunity to interview the CEO and Founder Stephanie Cirami and this is what she shared up with us.

You have established yourself as one of the leaders in the world of business and you are the founder and CEO of the International Association of Top Professionals. What was it like to create an award company that would seek to find the top of the top professionals in the world? 

Years before I founded IAOTP I was interviewing extraordinary professionals for Cambridge publishing and knew that these professionals needed to be recognized on a more dynamic level….I had just given birth to my second child and my husband said lets go its time for you to do this….it was because of his support that gave me the confidence to go out on my own….five successful years later it is surreal to look back and see the professionals we have inducted into our organization…..each year we always say wow how are we going to select even more prestigious professionals than this and we just attract the best of the best because we truly are the best of the best….our team is something really special….we all work as a team and know the importance it is to be involved in our members lives. 

What is it like to give awards to some of the biggest names in society today? 

It is truly humbling to give the award but what blows my mind is how these incredible accomplished professionals who have flown to the moon, have the cure for cancer, have won the biggest trials in the world….how humble and gracious these professionals are that they say to me “why me?” and I am left with my jaw hanging open like are you kidding me… you not know who you are!

What can people expect when they receive an award from the IAOTP? 

Being recognized with IAOTP we do our due diligence to always get positive exposure from multiple sources of credible publicity for our members…. we go above and beyond to be hands on and one on one with each member to understand their goals and where they are in their career and what they need to help brand, and promote their accomplishments.

What are the top three key elements that you personally look for when selecting and nominating a person for a top award? 

first and foremost is with how successful this person is with how many degrees and how many years they have….how has this person helped in their community….do they pay it forward do they donate to charities etc.

then we will look at education….accomplishments, longevity and what makes them stand out in their industry….we also look if they are published and do keynote speaking.

Bonus Question: 

After a years worth of work putting together a strong foundation of awardees and the Gala is done and over with. What is the one drink that you prefer to sit back and drink to savor the experience? 

I always take my girls to the Champagne room at the Plaza to toast a successful year and we knock off a bottle of Prosecco.


  • Mike Souheil

    Author / Writer

    I am a professional blogger/writer and have been writing as a freelance writer for various websites. Now I have joined one of the most recognized platforms in the world.