The internet is the place where we can get everything that we need. Most of us use the internet for finding the information or solution for our problems. However, there are also many websites provide useful material you can use for learning something new. You can even get additional material for your study at school or college. One of the examples of that kind of website is

What is is a website where you can find many materials and study subject you can read and learn for free. Each of the articles you can find on this website is designed so you will be able to study the topic easily. They don’t only provide a detailed explanation of the topic. It also uses image and diagrams which help you to understand the subject much easier and faster. It is very useful especially if you want to study mathematics.

The Content

There are 6 content categories you can choose and learn here. Some of them are the general and basic education level most of you know. For example, there is SMP (Middle school) and SMA (High school). Moreover, this website also provides material for higher education level, which is S1 (Bachelor Degree subject) and S2 (Magister). Then, there is also one specialized school subject, SMK (Vocational High School).

Each of those education levels is divided into several study subjects, such as Mathematics, Language, Science, Social Study and many more. What you need to do is choosing one subject you want to learn. Then, you will find several articles about a different topic in that subject.

Then, there is also the UMUM (General knowledge) category. Just like its name, we can say that this is the category that piques our interest the most. Although it said as the general knowledge, however, the content in this category are varying and coming from many different disciplines. You can find the article about design, art and even politics.

However, the content on this website isn’t only related to those subjects only where you can study. You also can find many tips and guides for creating a paper, article, and others that you will need in your study. For example, if you want to know how to write an editorial article or such, you can find it here. The article explains every part of the article, the usage of that part, and how to make that part perfectly. Moreover, it also has a sample of the well-written article you can use as a reference.


Basically, if someone said that they have a problem to study the specific subject because of the limitation of the material, that’s total nonsense. The website like this one or even there is another good source called is available for you out there. You just need to have a will and determination to study, and you will be able to get the knowledge that you need. Moreover, these websites are free to access and use. So, there is no reason to not study today.