Any new conversation starts with no expectations, especially if you don’t know one another. Chatting with animals is no different from having a conversation with humans. Some personalities are a bit daunting and others are very open and joyful. It’s interesting how from the get-go I start to read their way of communicating and if they are willing to give any answers at all. Animals love it when we connect and truly listen to them, but they don’t always want to share their thoughts. They do get their personality’s logically. Sometimes they have so much to share with us and about us. They observe us all day if they get the chance.

The other day I had the pleasure to talk to puppy Remi. He and his sister, Sissy, are about four months old. Although they come from the same family, both are very different personalities and they made me smile. Sissy is a straight to the point kinda girl and Remi is a true enjoyer of life. Remi is one of those personalities who loves life. He loves the humans he shares his life with, he loves his sister and everything that happens is one big adventure.

I met Remi on a day when I was swamped and felt like I needed to keep working, getting it all finished before the long weekend. I wanted to have a few relaxing days with my family, but the way I was going about it wasn’t the right way. I was pushing and hustling. I could feel that my face was getting tense and I was more interested in finishing than I was in enjoying the work that I was doing. I am so blessed that I have my animal clients to ground me. They always leave me with a pearl of wisdom. Working with my clients is unique as I am allowed in a very sacred space of their lives; and I treasure this with my whole heart. My connection with Remi was not a smooth conversation as he wasn’t interested in answering my questions. He loves his family he is living with, but finds that everyone is missing out on so much fun and joy. So why answer my questions? That was way too serious as we could talk about his paws instead. He loved his feet; he kept showing them to me. He told me how he could walk with them and how his coat was moving every time he would take a step. He also explained he sometimes got surprised by his hind legs; they sometimes kept going while the front ones would stop. He would tumble of course and that was so, so, so much fun. He was surprised that we were not paying more attention to our feet. He suggests that we should seriously consider following our feet and see where we end up. He went on to explain that we have to sometimes wander through our day as you can find stuff you totally forgot was there. He mentioned that when you walk into a new place, people are so happy to see you – another reason to play.

What do you think? We spend so much time following rules, fitting in, making other humans more comfortable, being afraid of making mistakes that we forget to follow our own rules, making ourselves comfortable and making a couple of mistakes here and there. To be really honest I can’t remember the last time I just wandered around. Don’t you wonder how many of us are just busy all day long and we don’t even know what we’ve done that day – just hustling from one thing to another thing? Our day is just one big blob for being busy. For five minutes Remi was telling me about his paws and how amazing they are. He shared how he loved running. Then with the same passion, he shared all the unique places in the house he could go to and the adventures these places gave him. For him, the day was just one big adventure waiting to happen. A great way to start your day or to live your day is to follow what you are inspired to do next. An invitation, not to add more stress to your day, just an opportunity to let the day guide you. Our schedules sometimes start to rule us with activities we might not need to do, but feel we have to do.

I love his vision. I know I got dressed that morning; but after that I never even looked in the mirror to see how I looked or acknowledged myself once. I never wondered about the fantastic things that were happening around me. The fabulous day that was happening outside and this dog was trying to get me out. People all were in a good mood. I had a lot of small chats that lifted my spirit by 100% – something I would have missed if Remi hadn’t reminded me.

Remi was one of those meet-cutes that I shared all day long as it was an important realization to have. The little things in life are the big moments to remember. For a little pup, he already is carrying a lot of wisdom.