Many of us are not feeling very heard lately.  Whether we are working to change the world or simply feel heard in our most intimate relationships, too many of us are feeling unheard and unseen. 

Have you been experiencing this? Wishing someone would listen to you and join you in your conviction?  And your conviction could be about one of the myriad of topics being discussed in the world right now or it could be about which creamer you would like to have in the refrigerator. Doesn’t matter. You want to feel heard. 

I’d like to let you in on a little secret… 

Talking louder or longer will not help anyone hear you. 

We feel heard when we hear ourselves first. 

When was the last time you sat down and listened to yourself?  If you’ve been joining me on our gratitude journey, you might be journaling daily and hearing what you have to say.  When was the last time you sat down and meditated or just sat quietly with your thoughts? 

For as slow as our world has become over the past few months, there is very little stillness. 

It is in this stillness where we hear our brilliant ideas and our Divine Guidance. This is where we feel heard.

Can you commit to 10 minutes of stillness a day? 

You can journal or join me in this week’s meditation, The Joy of Feeling Heard, where I will guide you through an energetic experience of feeling heard.

Our internal world defines our external world. As we pause and listen to ourselves, a magical thing will happen. The people in our lives will pause and listen. 

It begins with you first. 

In listening to yourself first, you refrain from wasting your energy trying to convince someone who is not ready to hear your message yet.  They will hear it when it is time. Trust me! You can not rush this. I see this quite often in my healing practice. I will suggest a concept or shift and my client incorporates it only when they are ready which can sometimes be immediately or sometimes it takes a year and they say, “Wow! Why did I wait so long?”  My answer, “It always happens in perfect timing.” 

We listen when we’re ready to shift. 

Take this week to honor yourself, your energy, and your time by listening to yourself first before trying to convince someone else of your point of view. You will find that you will achieve far greater results in convincing them by meditating first than by continuing to expend all your energy talking to someone who is not ready to hear you. As you refrain from talking, you maintain your energy, your frequency raises and you will find yourself healthier and happier. 

You can join me for this week’s meditation below and you can join me for my 6-week series that begins THIS THURSDAY, August 13th, at 1:00pm, Making Sense of It All, where we will dive into our energy and emotions surrounding the pandemic. We will dive deep into one sense each week and heal the energy that has been holding you back from experiencing a rich and meaningful life.

We have been having a great time on our Wednesday Facebook Lives.  Join us for our final discussion on our sense of Touch this Wednesday at 1:30pm. Be sure to like the Love.Heal.Thrive. Facebook page to be alerted. 

It is time to change the world and to feel truly heard. Begin with yourself and watch how many shifts start heading your way.