Being happy at work comes down to whether or not you have a fulfilling life outside of it, Ran Zilca, the chief data science officer at Happify, writes in this Harvard Business Review article.

Zilca and his team analyzed data from Happify app users to figure out what gives people a sense of satisfaction in their job. The app prompted users to “jot down three things that happened today or yesterday that made you feel grateful.” The team found that feeling grateful and happy in our work roles, while somewhat dependent on our age and career-status, comes down to two things: “(1) having a life outside of work, and (2) having the money to afford it,” Zilca writes.

Money aside, we can all implement changes that create a healthier work-life integration. Building time into your daily schedule for an activity that brings you joy, creating clear boundaries with technology and work email and simply being more present when you’re spending time with family and friends (hint: put the smartphone away) can all help ensure that you’re making the most of life outside the office.

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