Millions of people will open new social media accounts, profiles, and digital businesses this year, as they work to stay accessible and relevant in the ‘new normal.’ When they open these accounts, they will post content, showcase their expertise, and highlight their product and service offerings. To them, this will seem like enough – they are being transparent about their business.

Yet, the followers will not come. The digital following they had hoped for will not show up at their door, and they will wonder what they are doing incorrectly – and how to fix it. 

The Importance of a Human Experience

In the world of digital, we are missing that human-to-human connection we used to take for granted in a store setting. The eye contact, intonation, expressions, and even the handshakes or the hugs were actually critical in establishing a sense of authenticity with a business. We felt connected to a brand simply because we could go into the brand’s store and talk with other people who felt as passionately about the brand.

When doing business online, these nuances are no longer present. Many individuals will not realize that something as small and menial as a grin or handshake was actually critically important for their business. They will not realize they need to recreate that same element of personalization and connection, right through the internet. 

Since this kind of concept is so new, even if they do realize it, they will not totally understand how to recreate it – at least at first. That is where the importance of authenticity and being unequivocally yourself will need to come into the picture. An Instagram photo with a quote will not be enough to establish authenticity. Using something like Instagram Stories and talking to your camera, however, will make it easier for a following to feel like they really know you, your story, and why you started the brand in the first place.

The Benchmark for Success Starts with Authenticity

Prioritizing authenticity in everything you post online is the benchmark for success in 2021. No company understands this better than Brisbane’s The Story House: a digital content studio and full-service production company that specializes in the creation of digital content. As a team of creatives, directors, producers, designers, and post-production artists that create high-end multi-platform content for brands, stores, and artists, the Story House has been named aptly to reflect their commitment of telling a true, authentic story above all else.

“It all starts with a story, and that story is what is going to keep the followers coming back and clicking the ‘like’ button,” said Sam Thompson, Founder and Owner of the Story House. “Authenticity needs to be at the center of every single piece of digital content that is shared today, which is where our team comes into the picture. We know this is a lot to ask of brands, and that’s why our team of experts is ready to act as your brand’s extension.”

Gone are the days of perfected and photoshopped content. It’s time to embrace the need for raw and authentic contact that provides us with something we are all lacking and craving: human connection. 

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