Yoga is widely known for its innumerable benefits. The way it works wonderfully on the body, it has many positive effects on the mind as well. A flexible mind is open to new ideas and does not attract stress, anxiety and depression easily. A flexible body does not age easily and does not fall prey to illness and diseases easily. 

We forget to focus on ourselves while living in the hustle and bustle of our lives. When we forget to focus on ourselves, our bodies find ways by giving some signs that it is high time we think about it again. These signs can be in the form of a stressful mind, insomnia, frequent headaches and back pains, infections in the body. A healthy body and mind keep negative energy and diseases at bay. 

Most of us are involved in sedentary work that involves sitting on chairs most of the time. By not moving and stretching frequently, lactic acid gets accumulated in some parts of our body because of which the body becomes stiff. It takes time to get over the stiff body.    

The aim is to keep moving all the time. But if you want to go a notch up and have a healthy lifestyle that includes a flexible body and mind then you have to work a little more than usual for that. 

This article takes a look at how to stay healthy and have a flexible mind and body by practicing yoga:


This perfect example to show your flexible body the moment someone asks you to. It is like that difficult test for which you are prepared and pass with distinction if you achieve the pose perfectly. It is important to learn how to perfect this pose so as to not put extra pressure on your back.  

To achieve this pose, stand straight and raise your above your head slowly while inhaling. Bend forward and touch your toes. Hold the pose by taking deep breaths. 

Flexibility reduces the chances of physical injuries by developing strength so that you are able to take more stress on your body without harming it. Similarly, a flexible mind can work calmly and consciously in stressful conditions and decision making becomes easy.


This asana involves stretching your back and neck, thereby relieving the tension and stress caused in these areas by sitting at one place all day. 

Firstly, lie down on your back and stretch your arms on the sides of your upper body. Secondly, by lifting your legs slowly bring your feet past your head. Now, lift your back slowly and move your feet away from the head. In this asana, you support your upper back with your arms. 


This asana is good for your back and neck and it is said “The age of a person is determined by the flexibility of his/her spine.” this asana can be done to warm up the spine. 

Get down on your hands and knees by placing your hands under each shoulder. Your knees should be under the hip. Look up while inhaling and lift your hips and chest. Your abdomen should be lower to the ground. Then by lifting your head, look forward. 

Practice this pose by holding the position between one to two minutes and increase it gradually. This will make your spine loose and become more flexible. 


This pose has many benefits ranging from strengthening the lower back and increasing its flexibility to the massage of the digestive organs and relieving menstrual pain. It is very helpful in relieving stiffness from your neck and shoulders. 

Start this asana by lying down on your belly and your chin should touch the ground. Your hands should be close to your body while your palms touch the ground and your legs should be kept straight. Now inhale followed by straightening your arms and lifting your chest and upper back.

Hold this position for a few seconds and then release. 


This asana helps in strengthening the back and muscles of the abdomen. By regularly practicing this asana your neck, chest and shoulders widen and open up. It is helpful in keeping the back flexible and you get toned muscles of legs and arms. 

First step is to lie down on your stomach and move your feet wide apart and place your arms on the sides of the body. Take your hands back by folding your knees and hold your ankles. While you breathe, lift your chest and pull your legs up. Hold this position for a few seconds and then release.


This asana strengthens the internal body parts and maintains a healthy body. Some of its benefits are that it improves the blood circulatory system, prevents hair loss or premature graying of hair, helps in maintaining the body weight, helps in purifying blood. 

Lie down on your back and raise your legs and bring them to an angle of 90°. Raise the hips and bring your legs towards the head. Form a straight line by raising your legs, abdomen and chest. Place your hands on the back to support it. Try to maintain this position for a few seconds and then release by coming back to the original position slowly. 


Apart from the asanas in yoga, pranayama is plays a crucial role in flexibility. Yoga and pranayama are interlinked and cannot be separated. Yoga is not considered complete without pranayama. Breathing is a simple and natural phenomenon but most of us do not know how to breathe the right way. Pranayama helps in healing your body and mind thereby increasing the flexibility. 

Many working people are opting for pranayama as it relaxes your mind and makes your calm. It teaches us self control and builds our concentration which makes us ready to fight the stress and tension of the world.  

If you are looking to take your practice of yoga a notch up, then you can try Yoga Teacher Training offered by various schools of yoga all across the world depending upon your reach.