Too many entrepreneurs spend more time on content creation than necessary. I was one of them, until I learned this important lesson on content repurposing.

How to create more content quickly?

Many entrepreneurs create fantastic content but then only use it once or maybe twice. When you have amazing content that reflects your tone of voice and resonates with your ideal audience, make the most of it by repurposing it to other channels and recycling the best-sellers every few weeks or months. 

Repurposing widens your reach, because it gives your followers more chances to see and hear your content. Maybe they missed it the first time it was published, if the advice wasn’t relevant for them at that point.

Repurposing also allows you to publish more content without spending that much more time on creating it. 

This 5-day plan gets you through the week with only half an hour of content creation time. Let’s get started!

Monday: Quote yourself or a guest

Let’s wake your followers up to the week by sharing some of your wisdom. 

Did you publish a blog post, a podcast episode or a new video last week? Dig that up, pick a quote (yours or your guest’s), drop it to a social media post template and write a snappy caption. Remember to add a link to the original content to generate traffic to your site.

If you want to save even more time in the future, you can create these repurposed pieces while you’re working on the original piece. List interesting quotes when you’re recording the episode or writing the post and save them on a spreadsheet. Sooner than you know, you’ll have a stock of evergreen content waiting to be repurposed. 

Tuesday: Keep the discussion going with a poll

Let’s keep the engagement going by asking questions or polling the audience. 

If your platform of choice has a built-in polling tool, like at least LinkedIn and Facebook have, use it. Using the native tools often greases the wheels and makes you the algorithm’s favourite for the day, which means your other content will reach more people, too.

You can tie the poll or question to a piece of content you’ve released recently and link the original post in the comments to keep driving your followers to your blog or podcast.

Wednesday: Reshare an old blog post 

Best content doesn’t need refreshing: when something works, use it as it is. Pick one of your best-performing pieces of content and share it with your audience again. 

If the post is a real winner, save the caption and recycle it again in 2-3 months. There are always new followers who haven’t seen it and old ones who have forgotten what you actually said. Some social media scheduling tools have the reposting option built in, which makes the task even easier. 

Thursday: Pick a golden nugget from an old piece of content

Could we leverage the old blogs, videos and podcasts episodes even more?

Go back to the blog you shared on Monday or another old piece of content. Pick a piece of advice, a snappy tip or strategy and turn it into a pretty visual. Keep using templates to keep things quick and easy. 

If podcasting is your thing, clip soundbites from the interviews. It creates nice variation to your content feed. 

Friday: Share your best freebie

To wrap the week up and to keep growing your email list, share your favourite freebie with your audience and ask them to share it forward to their networks so that more people can benefit from it.

If you have an extra 10-15 minutes, share the freebie also on relevant social media groups and discussions to get it in front of more ideal clients.

Where to find fresh ideas for next week?

Working around repurposing content naturally can’t be your only content strategy. Your calendar needs fresh ideas, too.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, download this complimentary content guide with 10 ideas that work on every channel and make content planning really easy.