Life challenges each of us to seek the light within us. By seeing the light within us, we can see the light within those around us. Light is expansive; light illuminates; light is warm; light is vibrant; light is soothing; light is uplifting; light is energy; light is love.

Light is life.

As we learn to navigate the uncertainties of every day life, especially during these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we tend to find ourselves wrapped up in worries, fears, stress, and at times, inundated with sensations of anxiety. These feelings darken our very existence. Worry, fear, guilt, shame, stress and anxiety weigh us down and dim our light. They are temptations to make us believe in worst case scenarios. These emotions are the antithesis of hope and faith in our ability to steer our life with confidence and grace.

To be able to recognize our own inner light is a skill that is learned with time and through the practice of mindfulness. It is a skill that helps create change in our every day. Becoming in tune and in control of our breath, our body, our emotions and fully embracing the power behind each, we are able to align our inner energies to empower ourselves. When we are in harmony, flowing freely, and untethered by the negativities that surround us, we not only empower ourselves, but we enable others by uplifting their spirits of hope and joy. This may sound like an “unrealistic positive” mindset, but on the contrary, there is nothing more real than owning our ability to tap into our energy – after all, we are the creators of our own source of energy. We are able to access the light within us each day when we embody the practice of mindfulness.

Often, when we are not living in the present, but rather in the past or in the future, we succumb to all sorts of self-sabotaging disservice through pessimistic attitudes and self-limiting ways of thinking and behaving. When we are able to be fully present, grateful for the very moment we are living with all its lessons and rewards, we are able to surrender to the light of life.

Each day and moment we choose to be fully present, free of stress, anxiety, nervousness, fear and worry, we are granted the opportunity to seek the light for our own growth. We essentially are choosing a mindset of worthiness and greatness. These are the days we are able to live with our heart and release the noise and pressures that are bottled in our heads. These are the days where we are able to lead by example and illuminate our essence onto everyone we come across.

To know that you are able to access your light by choosing, creating and managing the emission of your own energy, you are gifting the world with exactly what it needs today – light and positivity – love. The world needs you. The world needs your light to uplift it from these challenging moments for everyone.

It is our responsibility to share who we are with the world. To not hold back and to radiate our truth – our hearts. It is our responsibility to love fully; to embrace each day with curiosity and joy; to live expansively without limits – unleashed. Each of us deserves to live a life that is vibrant, hopeful and radiant. We all deserve to surround ourselves by the power of light. So, I encourage you to tap into whatever it is that ignites you so that you may brighten the day for yourself and all who surround you.

Gift the world with your life – your inner light.