We all have a list. What you do with it matters.

The lotus flower is one of the most ancient symbols for health, good luck, wealth, prosperity, fertility and purity of heart and mind. Many of us long for these symbols in our life as well. The lotus is sacred and beautiful. We admire her beauty in the contrast of the muddy, swampy pond.
This incredible flower lives in a muddy swamp yet is breathtakingly beautiful. She has endured the process of growing through the heavy mud and stillness. Once she has become strong enough by absorbing the beneficial nutrients of her swamp, she blooms above the surface only to return back under the water each night. She submerges herself in the muddy water every night and rebirths every single morning, untouched, unscathed, unmuddied by the swamp she is living in.

Do you feel like you are living in a swamp right now?

There is currently a lot to swamp up your life – the pandemic, the ever changing business rules, the collection of racial injustices and the growing intensity around it, the upcoming election. There is a lot of mudslinging right now.

Are you going to sling the mud right back or be the lotus and allow the mud that will nourish you to be absorbed and still bloom vibrantly? The lotus lives in the swamp, sleeps in the swamp yet is bold and beautiful every single day. She does not allow the swamp to muddy her life.

You can too.

This week, I invite you to create your own Lotus List. In one column feel free to write down anything that feels swampy to you- people or experiences that are weighing you down or people that make you feel heavy or burdened. In the second column, write down how this person or experience may be blessing you. How is this situation making you stronger? How is this situation making you wiser, more resilient or more prepared for your life purpose or maybe even just more prepared for tomorrow?

When we can look at the swamp and find its purpose, we shift our world from swamp to surrender, from gross to gratitude.

Not sure you can get there alone? Join me for this week’s meditation on The Lotus List as we complete this process together in meditation.

Your life is what you make it. Welcome the blessings that surround you in every form, knowing they are there to teach you perseverance, resilience and strength. So you can wake up each morning vibrant and beautiful ready to bless your own life and all you see.