The Magic of Love Energy

by Michelle J. Howe 

We manifest what we think and expect…
We manifest what we love and what we fear….
We lead with or without intention and awareness….
We learn through roles, people, relationships and situations….

We are here to experience all that comes our way; balance logic with feeling; love ourselves and others; choose powerfully and reach new levels of soul consciousness.

Many believe the art of manifesting, leading and learning comes from our families, schools, meetings, seminars, coaches or books. Truth is, those sources bring both direction and mis-direction.  It’s time to realize that you are the director of this concerto.  Make it a symphony with amazing instrumentals, melodies and sounds.

Love energy is what reveals itself as we search for depth and understanding. What is learned from external observation or teachings is a far cry from your own inner connection to love energy.

When we activate our heart, we facilitate an energetic connection called love energy.  

This energetic connection comes from a surrender of rigid thinking and beliefs.  It comes from trusting our intuition and hearts to guide us.  We strengthen and trust this connection with time, intention and focus.

Love energy is pure and loving.

Love energy is never distorted. It’s experienced to a greater or lesser degree by everyone. It awakens by choice as we mature, value others and stop hiding from our truth. 

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I have written these last two blogs for awakening Feelers, Seekers, Empaths and Healers of the world…..  for those who know and, for those who are now recognizing subtle energy dynamics as valid.

Love energy is pure, light and lovely. It doesn’t get hung up on right or wrong. It doesn’t judge. It allows us to create a moment, a day, a holiday, an event, a week, a vacation, a marriage and a life with ease, grace and joy. We discover love energy for ourselves by focusing and listening to our heart.

Love energy brings magic into present moments. In those moments, people feel lighter, playful, hopeful, happy and uplifted. It comes from clear intention, vision and inner connection.

How do you integrate love energy into your lives?

1 –  Tune Into (See, Feel or Know) Your Desires. This is a bit trickier than we realize. What we desire is a thought that may be in direct opposition to our feeling Self. It’s important to keep questioning your answers till there is full agreement.

Your desires must feel right for you on all levels.There are many instances where people ignore their hearts. Other times, they like to please and meet the expectations of others. This means, we are making decisions against our own needs and desires. As such, it’s important to be curious, ask questions and listen to your heart’s desire.

Some questions include:
How am I feeling?
What do I want to feel?
What do I want to manifest, live or lead?
How do I feel about it?
Why am I hesitating?
What do I know, feel and sense at this moment?
What is right for me?

By asking questions, you will notice what FEELS RIGHT and what feels not so right to you. If the answer, decision or direction you choose doesn’t feel right, you will continue to have it on your mind. What feels right will always calm you. That means a lesser choice will keep that dilemma active within you. When you are living your truth, head and heart are in agreement and you feel at peace.

2 –  Get Specific. Create the scene in your mind. What is the big picture? Stay with this scene and go deeper. What does it look like? What are the colors? What is the feeling? What do you hear? Write down all this information. You will want to do this more than once.

This exercise brings in Spirit guidance for clues to following your path. Remember, this is the language of images and symbolism. This is another step in developing your capacity to receive guidance.

3 – Ask More Questions. How am I going to manifest this desire? What is my next move? Put a tentative timeline together of tasks and initiatives. You may want to consult with an “integrated leader” or strategy person you trust. Ask the universe to assist you.

4 – Believe in Your Vision.  It takes a higher order of convincing to bridge where and what you see in front of you today with what you wish to create in the future.  In order to create it, you MUST BELIEVE that it’s possible.  We do this by visualizing the outcome, your steps and the feeling of having already created the outcome.  You will change as you bring this vision to creation. The transformation happens as you align with your vision.

5 – Take Bold Action. Pace yourself. Be confident. What is your first, second and third move? What is the purpose of each of these moves? Who is responsible? What have you accomplished? What’s the next move? List all the necessary steps, tasks and projects. Note priority. Keep space on your schedule for the unexpected.

6 – Review Your Progress. Flow. Confidence. Allowance. Watch for signs from the universe. Silence doubts or skepticism. Avoid expectation. Trust in divine timing. Acceptance is key.  What is meant to happen will and what is not coming your way is a blessing in disguise.

7 – Adjust. Bend. Learn. Grow. Revisit your desires, plans and tasks to ensure you’re staying true to your heart. Continue to ask the universe to assist you. Stay non-judgmental and humble each step of the way.  Make sure to understand that challenges are meant to teach you.  Keep your attitude positive and keep  moving forward.  Pause if necessary.

I hope you enjoyed this wisdom today.

MICHELLE J. HOWE is The Wise Empath.  Michelle is a powerful channel of high vibrational, healing energies.  She serves today as an Awakening Speaker, Evolutionary Guide and a Master Healer. As a perpetual student of life, Michelle holds many healing certifications, and is a graduate of the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program.  Michelle awakens and guides heart-centered individuals on the Path to Joyful Expansion.

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