legs hanging outside of a moving car

People often say that the key to self-confidence and success is simply “don’t pay attention” (or a dime). We admire some people because they can ignore things, simply because they don’t care about little things (or others that seem important to us). We call them “powerful people.”

You probably know someone in your life who didn’t pay attention, moved on with his life and did amazing things. Can you recall in your mind once you’ve been indifferent to the consequences or what others are going to say and do what you wanted, so you’d excel or win?

Personally, when I started working professionally with my blog pavlosgiorkas.com writing about internet marketing stuff, I gave up my sure job. For me, it was one of the biggest “I don’t care” things until that time. I said the same thing when I decided in my early 20s to leave abroad, giving up my late but successful career in the world of gastronomy… I just said “I don’t care what my parents say, or what “should” I do according to the world.” So I went and did it.

Many called me “crazy” and reckless and that I can’t be normal or anything like that… And yet I personally never felt so “different”, but even if I was not interested. I’ve seen a lot of people become happy (or not), successful (or not) through completely different things and paths in life. I don’t even know if there’s what we call “normal”…

The attitude of “not giving a damn” may seem simple at first sight, but it is a very big conversation. I don’t care what it means, of course, but since I have your attention, we can go on.

The point is that we are all being pushed out against paying too much attention to things that are not worth it that we are finally tired and lose our lives.

We’re annoyed with the gas station employee who gave us a lot of coins in change. We’re upset because a show we were going to have was canceled or because our colleague got a new car better than ours. We pay attention to the fact that it rains more than the fact that we’ve been out with our best friend for a walk.

We pay attention to so many trivial events! And for what?

Well, that’s the big problem, my friend…

Because when we pay so much value and attention to all these little things, we have a sense that we are entitled, in some magical way, to be comfortable and to have a wonderful life. After all, we care, so we’re good people.

I will not go on, because I am not interested in describing the journey of “attention” until the last moments of a man. I didn’t write this article within the mind to convey a message to you or change your life… usually, so I write, but this particular article is not such.

I wanted to take out my admiration for the ability we have to choose whether to give somewhere of importance and the power that these choices have. Then I think the monks in Tibet are always practicing on this thing (controlling attention) and it eats me to pay attention… But I really don’t give a what those people do, locked up in the monasteries.

Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay