As a makeup artist, I’ve made a career out of working with both celebrities and people from all walks of life. It has been my job to help people look their best before appearances on TV, film, and the stage. As I worked to get my clients “camera-ready,” I began to notice a connection between who these individuals truly are and how that translated into their outer beauty.

I started to realize that the magical “it” factor we all search for has nothing to do with finding the right shade of foundation or being a size 2, and it went well beyond mere celebrity status. I felt that there was something more, something deeper, that beautiful people have, and I wanted to know how to get it.

And so my journey began. While I worked to help people look beautiful, I searched even harder to find the secret to actually being beautiful. My hope was that if I could figure it out, I could combine that knowledge with my expertise as a stylist and makeup artist and bring this life-changing beauty to others.

One day as I arrived at the CBS station where I was working as the Head of Makeup, the morning-show producer caught me on my way in the door. She said that she wanted me to come up with beauty and style segments for the newscasts from time to time. And not only was I supposed to help create the segments, she also wanted me to host them! My dream had always been to work behind the scenes helping a few people feel beautiful and I was being offered an opportunity to get in front of the camera to reach thousands at once. I was ecstatic!

Of course, I couldn’t have known it then, but this assignment would be the the beginning of my journey discovering the meaning of true beauty. Within weeks, I received my first assignment: find a woman who needed a makeover and create a segment around her. Instinctively I shied away from choosing someone who could just use a new haircut, I wanted to find a woman who needed a makeover on a much deeper level.

I started my search by heading to MacDill Air Force Base which was near the TV station. Many of the soldiers stationed there had just been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and the majority had left behind wives and families whose stress and worry was unimaginable. With their husbands risking their lives fighting for our freedom, these military wives worked to survive the daily grind of working and raising their children on their own.

Upon meeting them I knew instantly that they were the ones I wanted to work with and that I was going to do more than one makeover. Working with them was a way I could show my appreciation for their unselfish “call of duty.” Together with my team of stylists, we updated hairstyles, cosmetics, and even wardrobes. Everyone on my team worked diligently to lift the spirits of these special women.

Once the makeovers were complete, the women were videotaped, and those recordings were sent through a webcast to their husbands overseas. The entire experience was heartrending and beautiful. I cried along with them as the couples connected via cyberspace and I watched in admiration as these brave and exquisite women conveyed their love. I observed, I learned, and I understood.

What made the deepest impression on me was the realization that what makes us beautiful goes well beyond our exteriors. It is our passion and compassion, our love, laughter, tears, and sorrow, and how we combine it with a nurturing strength of spirit. Our beauty shines when we allow ourselves to revel in these qualities and share them with the world. It’s in these moments that we are all radiant and exquisite.

From that day on, I no longer defined beautiful as a hairstyle or a look. I viewed it as a woman glowing with love and living a life of purpose.


  • Michelle Phillips

    Transformation Coach, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert

    Michelle Phillips, Beauty, Love & Transformation Coach, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Bestselling Author, guides and empowers women to redefine beauty so they can create and live their lives on their own terms and by their own standards of success and fulfillment. Her inspiring and dynamic teachings combined with her powerful tools for self-transformation lead women to radical inner and outer transformation that not only makes them Look amazing but motivates them to BE amazing! With an impressive 20+ year career in the beauty industry as a beauty expert and one of the most influential makeup artists in the entertainment industry, Michelle came face to face with extraordinarily beautiful women who seemed to "have it all" but often said they never felt "good enough" despite the fame and fortune they experienced. Michelle began unknowingly coaching these women to embody their true beauty. She became disillusioned with the world of “beauty,” and saw this same struggle in the hearts of women everywhere.  Women’s quests for perfection were leading to feelings of inadequacy they were trying to cover up with external fixes like new haircuts, makeovers and fashions, and when that didn’t fill the void, many turned to plastic surgery, dangerous diets, anti-depressants and sleeping pills. "No matter how amazing a woman looks on the outside, if she doesn't feel good about herself on the inside, she'll never see her true beauty." Facing her own life crisis that began with leaving an abusive marriage to losing her job and applying for food stamps to put food on the table for her and her three children, Michelle realized that she, too, was just like those women in her makeup chair - she never felt "good enough" and was growing tired of the expectation to always "look" and "be" perfect. Michelle vowed to find the way and take the steps that would lead her to the life and love she desired and knew was possible. This commitment set Michelle on a path that ultimately led to her unfolding a powerful process that she would later share with women all over the world. Today, Michelle shares her powerful process on the stage, in her courses and membership site, on TV and radio, and through her bestselling book, The Beauty Blueprint: 8 Steps to Building the Life and Look of Your Dreams (Hay House) She has worked with some of the most powerful and talented celebrities in the world of entertainment, sports, and politics such as Katie Couric, Paula Zahn, Colbie Caillat, Derek Jeter, Condoleezza Rice, Sigourney Weaver, and Clint Eastwood. Michelle has also been featured on HGTV, NBC, CBS, HSN, TLC, QVC, Daytime, SiriusXM, and Hay House Radio. Michelle shares her empowering message on speaking tours including "The Power of Women" with Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran, The View's Joy Behar, and actress/entrepreneur Suzanne Somers as well as The Hay House "I Can Do It Tour" with inspirational icons Wayne Dyer Louise Hay.