Cardiac Arrest.

That was all the information I needed.

With my heart beating a million miles an hour I was out the door and off to meet the Ambulance. 

It’s incredible what motivates us to take action isn’t it? 

Knowing someone is in Cardiac Arrest is a pretty big motivator to move, right? 

Some of you may be thinking, hell, if I got that message I’d be running in the opposite direction. Unless it was a family member of course! 

When we arrive on scene we follow the process. It’s not all panic stations and craziness… even though it feels like it should be. There is a calm, efficient and strategic process to follow. This process is practiced REGULARLY.

This is how lives are saved. 

It’s also a great lesson for life. 

Find that thing that motivates you to take action. 

Follow a proved method or process to it doesn’t get hectic. 

Practice regularly – so you get really good at what you do. 

Reap the rewards. 

The other aspect that comes into play is confidence. Having the courage to take action on the things you really want out of life. After all, we only have ONE life. We must live it to the full! 

I’m not a Paramedic, I’m a more like a volunteer with the Ambulance… I have been through training, of course, just not a degree. I only work one to two days per week, so I don’t respond to a huge amount of calls… but when that pager goes off I’m always ready to roll. 

One of the things I’ve learnt from working in the emergency services field is that when the $h*t hits the fan it’s make or break… sink or swim. Hopefully, for the people involved it’s ‘make’ not ‘break’!!! 

You see, the thing is, I’ve learnt over the years how to develop my own inner self confidence. To a point where I now truly believe that I can handle ANYTHING that is thrown my way. It’s not a ‘oh I’m so good’ thing… it’s more an inner feeling of certainty. 

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