Getting married is exciting. Most women spend a lot of time thinking about their dress, their flowers, and their vows. It’s important, as well, for women to take the time to think about less physical manifestations of the wedding and to create some personal vows for themselves. So while creating their vows for the wedding ceremony, women should also consider their personal vows to themselves. What pieces of their individuality do they want to make sure that they keep and not “lose” as part of the new couple that they are? What vows can they make to themselves and their own independence within the marriage structure

Don’t forget those Personal Vows.

Here are some “I Do” vow ideas that every bride should consider:

Some extra Vows that you need to consider.

I Do want to continue my friendships with my long-standing friends and find time to get together. I

I Do want to continue seeing my parents once a week and enjoying time with them.

I Do want to keep exercising and make sure to take care of my physical health.

I Do want to be financially present in my marriage (and understand my finances now, not in a crisis).

I Do want to be financially independent in the marriage.

I Do want us to only spend what we can afford and to keep to a budget.

I Do want to stay true to myself and my feelings even in times of conflict.

Of course, each person’s I Do list will be different and unique. Whether you write this in a journal or print it and paste it by your bed, these are a lovely way to maintain your individuality as you start out in your union. Without being too macabre, it is important to realize that all marriages end at some point whether with divorce or death; you want to make sure that you maintain your truth to yourself during the marriage, and after.