Is this a dream?

I can never be sure. It is always so hard to tell, isn’t it? In FACT, have you ever considered the FACT that we are just merely the supernatural stuff going on in a dream that God may be having?


Perhaps we are just entertainment, Saturday morning cartoons, an escape from eternal boredom, or some sort of nonsensical paranormal and preset super-soaker of brain wave activity that really means nada in the end. Just sparks. An interesting, if not, complexly liberating and heretical thought.

From Dada-ism to Nada-ism, it all comes down to the same thing in the end.

Maybe that is where the GREAT MUSE comes from? The elusive and slippery fish of a thing that we tap into as artists, thinkers, feelers, dealers, and dreamers. And we bring it into this world, sometimes kicking and screaming. Sometimes uninvited. I don’t know about you, but I feel a little different now.

That’s a powerful thought.

Or, maybe we are all just dreaming? I am pretty sure that Carl Jung and Carl Sagan would both agree on at least that much of it. Those guys went pretty deep.

And when you think about it, it all makes surreal sense. I mean, what are we without dreams, anyway?

Just a bunch of meat and cells.

You were probably once a dream, too.

That final line between reality and dreams is just a few misplaced neurons doing their job, keeping you all fired up and sometimes a little off balance, but always entertained. And who are we to judge?

The world is full of mysteries and things that we will never ever understand, until we first understand ourselves.

A problematic and poetic proposition, to say the least, but allow me to illuminate, illustrate and investigate this new deal with you. Deal?

I had a dream last night.

In fact, I’ve been dreaming a lot lately, in the bio-sphere of eternal beginnings, floating in a most peculiar way, sometimes lost and sometimes found, and always just tip toes away from the great profound.

And this is where my best ideas come from, all of the revolutions and revelations, the epiphanies and equations that create the really, really big things in life.

And I know this is a sure sign of the deep decline of my worldly senses and the random rise of my other-worldly consciousness, the one that fights its way into the light.

And the dreams, streams and schemes of today and tomorrow become more intense each time we look at them. They surface, with purpose and poise, like a surfer balanced on the biggest wave, and on the way to the magical place where the great ocean gathers, with every new swish and wish.

Or maybe we are all just living in Neil Young’s dream. That would be freaky. But there is a lesson here. And it goes like this.

You see, every breaking wave is channeling YOU to understand an ancient algorithm and a new way of looking at everything that comes from the immoral dream state, which is the true colour of everything. The PureTone. And when you change the way you see things, you change everything you see. This is what the dreams are trying to tell you.

Yes. Neil knows this. We can call it the new dreamality.

It is a brand new logic. This new way of seeing is better known as a fuse for the muse in the use of real life/dream life.

You may be experiencing it right now.

I know this to be true, because we all are made of the same storied stardust that is the DNA of the universe, particular and playful particles of light, feelings and thoughts that create a kind of blueprint that maps exactly to the lines you find on your thumbprint and the waves of the eternal oceans of your many lives.

This is the true life that exists in the free spaces between the subway rides and moon tides. And the best, more transcendent an mainly magical ideas come from here for one important reason.

And everything is connected.

We are all stitched together like a seam in a dream, with the fabric of non-linear time, never letting us forget that what you do will ripple across the universe, bulleting through the time space continuum, holistically hovering eternally, until it reaches you again, and again, and again, and…

Back to the dream, as we always end up doing, because they are made up of the leftover electrical impulses from our days, that season the reason for our existence, like a wave on fire for all of eternity. I can be certain of this.

And the real magic is hidden in the moon beams that hold up your life. All connected and all complicit in the reality of you.

And this is your time, as it always is, to cash out or up the ante and see what this game is really all about.

So here we are, meeting up again in a day-dream of distinguished denial, surreal subterfuge and departed dogma, looking for a new truth to carry us home. Wave after wave, slave after slave, and only the brave crave what they cannot save.

And so in the end, we realize that we really have no answers at all. And why would we? Who are we to have that kind of information? This is God’s realm, after all. Unless, of course, God is in YOUR dream, and everything is the other way around. Trippy.

So, in the end, all you can do is open your eyes.

And awake to dream another day.


  • Paul is: a writer, past academic dean, national affairs advisor, conference founder and public broadcasting advocate.