One thing that you should always do in this life is to love yourself. It does not matter if you are not perfect, but loving yourself will take you a long way. “It is not a matter of living a luxurious life but giving yourself peace.”

Live to your expectation.

Do not stress yourself because you want to get things you cannot have at the moment. You are perfect the way you are, and there is
nothing that can bring you down. Do not avoid loving yourself because of what people will say about you. People near you have to accept you the way you are. Change a thing for nobody.

Be Gentle

Some people prefer acting all good to others and forgetting about themselves. It is good to know
what to do when you feel a certain kind of way. Do not feel weak when you have to express your
feelings. It is normal, and it happens to everyone. There are times you will be happy, and other
times you will be sad and disappointed. Whatever feeling you have, remember to remain gentle
to yourself. Do not battle or transform anything to look better. Let things flow naturally. Start
treating yourself the way you treat people around you. Feel comfortable with yourself, and try to
learn more about how you feel. It might take some time, but when you know, it will be easy for
you to deal with it.

Do Not Change Experience

Do not try to change anything about your feelings. If you are sad, do not turn to drugs to make
you better. You are only making it worse by putting your health at risk. Show yourself, love, by
letting your feelings teach you to be a better person. Even if you are sad, do not try to put a
happy face. Deal with it. After it gets done, you will be alright. It is not advisable to accept good
feelings and rejecting the hard ones. Do not feel ashamed of knowing the inner you. Not
changing your experiences will help you understand yourself properly. Do not try to keep things
that hurt you when you can make a change. If you feel like approaching the person who did you
wrong, go ahead and express your feelings. It will make you feel more free and relieved.

Wisdom of Not-Knowing

There is a possibility a lot of times you do not know how you feel. It is not easy to predict your
feelings. You can be happy, and after a few minutes, your feelings change. It is normal, and it happens to everyone. It is good to take whatever sentiment that comes your way with confidence,
not fear. Sometimes you are near a person who makes you angry, but you have to pretend and
look lively. You are only lying to yourself, not anyone else. Welcome your feelings with both
hands. Learn to live with your feelings and turn them into friends. When it gets hard, and the
only way you can express yourself is by crying, go ahead and let it all out. The moment you
avoid such a feeling, you will not be able to move on with your life. Embracing your feelings
will make you bold, not weak. Live your life each day by accepting your feelings and be proud
of them.