It’s time we talked about what we can do for our health

Amid this pandemic, there’s no shortage of things we’re told we shouldn’t do—don’t go out of your house; don’t travel; don’t touch your face; don’t stand too close to others…

Keeping track of all the new rules means we could be overlooking that there are a lot of things that can do—especially when it comes to our health and wellbeing. Fact is, there are a lot of things that are out of our control right now, but the way we eat is still in our hands.

“One of the things we can really embrace, especially while at home, is the opportunity to define a routine where we can focus on choosing and making nourishing meals,” explains Registered Dietitian and True Aussie Beef & Lamb Chef Pam Smith.

Being at home and having to shelter in place tends to see us crave and reach for comfort food. Comfort food is familiar, easy to make, delicious, and fills you up quickly.

“The mac & cheese, the pizzas and cookies are all delicious but often  protein is missing from the plate. Protein plays such an essential role in building a balanced yet varied diet,” asserts Pam.

Eating a well-balanced diet that combines whole grains, animal as well as plant proteins, and healthy fats can help deliver the right nutrients to  maintain healthy immune function.

“It’s one of the reasons why I’m such a fan of Aussie beef and lamb. Well chosen, lean and nutrient dense proteins served alongside three different colored vegetables means we get all the health benefits of a well-rounded meal,” explains Pam. 

“A 4-6oz serving of lean Aussie grassfed beef or lamb three to four times a week means we’re fueling our bodies with iron, zinc, valuable essential amino acids packed with complete proteins, and omega-3s,” Pam explains. “And lean, trimmed meat cuts tend to have less calories – so you can still enjoy the great taste of your grassfed beef or lamb.” 

Iron is critical for energy, brain function and general wellbeing. Coupled with zinc, it plays an important role helping to maintain a healthy immune system. Additionally, the iron found in beef and lamb, referred to as heme-iron, is the easiest type of iron for  the body to absorb. 

Aussie lamb chops with chermoula glaze and root veggies

“As part of a balanced meal, Aussie beef and lamb provides a delicious meal and a bunch of essential nutrients your body needs for good health,” says Pam.

USDA dietary guidelines recommend eating three to six ounce portions of lean or extra lean meat three to four times a week. Paired with colorful vegetables, Aussie beef and lamb is an easy way to get enough iron and zinc recommended for good health.

“Build your meals around wisely chosen, moderate portions of protein like Aussie grassfed beef and lamb, and your choice of three different colored vegetables for variety, balance and enjoyment,” she ends.