I sat down with Jake Beaudin again of Transcend to speak more on the mindset he has working with people everyday. Many people do not understand that working with people everyday also comes with hearing their problems. Now intensify this by 100 for the work scope that Jake deals with. These people all have hormonal life issues which causes issues to be harsher because they affecting their overall well-being.

Jake spoke on the mindset he has stating, “Some days are more challenging than others. That is for sure. However, I put myself in the client’s shoes and try to understand what they are dealing with and why it is causing them to either lash out or be negative. Sometimes it is hard to try and be postive for two people at once, but it is something I gladly do. It all makes it worth it when you see a real change in someone’s life because of you. I have been told by people I have saved their marriage or even I saved them from suicide. That there is what makes it all worth it.”

Keeping the mindset he went on to talk about that yes being positive is not always easy, but the biggest factor is for him to not stress about things he cannot control. Jake stated, “I’ve learned in life that you cannot control everything. So do what you can to control what you can, but at the end of the day don’t let it break you down if you cannot control it. Sometimes you have to just shrug, say ‘it is what it is’ and move on.”

People like Jake are what we need more in society. Working to help people just to help them. Understanding life is not always fair and in our control and that is okay. We should all strive for that mindset and let the stress release from our heads and hearts.