I’ve often imagined walking the streets of Jerusalem around 3pm on Good Friday, the day Jesus died.

I bet it was easy to believe that…

Death had won.

Betrayal would always be rewarded with silver coins.

Denial would disown not once, but 3 times.

Fate would be determined by rioting crowds.

Sealing a tomb meant forever.

Darkness had overtaken the land.

Hope was lost. 

And yet two sunrises later, love, light and life prevailed.  

In a way, history has repeated itself. 

For many, the story of death, betrayal, denial and rioting tainted too many lives this year.

However, just as love and light prevailed then, it will continue to triumph now.

On Easter Sunday, Jesus had risen.

Kind of a big miracle.

But miracles of all shapes and forms are made up of all the same stuff.

Divine Love.

And you and everyone around you is equally deserving of your miracle- big or small.

Where has your miracle shown up for you this year after the darkness? 

Miracles await us every single day in every single moment, especially when we feel that darkness has overtaken our life.

A miracle can be a blessing you never saw coming- a perfect job offer, a new friend who feels like home or a surprise check in the mail.

A miracle can be a smile from a stranger on the street or a phone call from a friend with the very words you need to hear. 

Life itself is a miracle. 

You are a miracle.

And you can be a miracle for someone else.

As you become the miracle for someone else, you open yourself up to attracting more of your own miracles.

As we appreciate the beauty of each spring blossom on the trees and the awesomeness of every sunset, we are reminded that we are a part of something far greater than ourselves that is not defined by any religion or race. 

Each breath we take is a miracle.

How can you be the miracle for someone else today?

Choose one way you can bless another’s life today and watch what happens.

Offer a smile, send a text, chat on the phone, make an effort, be someone’s miracle.

Be your own miracle.

Join me for today’s gratitude meditation on The Miracle of our Body as we give gratitude to our incredible bodies and raise their vibration, frequency and health of them.

Once you do, you will find that you feel better and are filled with much more joy to share throughout your day.

Have a wonderful Easter or Passover or simply enjoy the sun on this blessed and miraculous Sunday.