If you are successful in life and have achieved great financial success and wealth in your life, you may find yourself still feeling unfulfilled. Like a gnawing empty void to life you thought would be filled once you finally reached a certain state of financial wealth.

Deep down inside you are desiring a deeper connection to something else, to yourself, to the world, and to the people within it.

You may feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, and are drowning in a sea of loneliness, depression and despair. You feel disconnected from yourself and the world around you.

You may have tried micro-dosing on hallucinations or going to Ayahuasca retreats to feel the deep spiritual connection you crave; only to find yourself once it’s all over still left with the same feeling of emptiness.

You may find yourself stuck in the fear of judgement by others by having the desires of going in different directions, of allowing yourself to fully unleash your weird and wacky side for you fear losing the wealth and lifestyle you have acquired.

The missing piece of the puzzle is building your spiritual wealth. What exactly is that you may ask? It is the ability to tap into your own resources, create a connection to yourself and tap into your full potential and really connect with your soul purpose.

The ability to reclaim your true self, the aspects of self that connect you to a greater sense of purpose, connection, and creativity.

So venture outside of your comfort zone today and end the despair and pain and finally fill the empty void.

You can do this by upleveling and mastering your innate psychic abilities.

Once you do this, you can finally fill the emptiness you have felt for so long; and keep your financial wealth.

Joy Rachelle is a spiritual mentor, transformational healer and psychic consultant. The ultimate solution she offers is mentoring and guiding her clients to become their own Inner Autonomous Authority and realizing their own self-actualization (soul purpose) so they can be their own empowered sovereign being with their own answers, magick, and abilities. So they can stop seeking answers outside of themselves, and finally fill the empty void in their lives.