None of the spiritual or personal development disciplines I experienced, or used taught me what the moon did.

It taught me something fundamental about my soul’s journey in a female body.

It taught me something that in our society was not obvious knowledge to me.

It guided me to recognise my cyclical nature.

It guided me to explore my ups and downs, my ebbs and flows that are caused by the hormonal cycle in my body.

It guided me to understand that it is TOTALLY normal crying for no particular reason, or feeling frustrated, annoyed, lethargic, crazy… Does this sound familiar to you? 

Most of us grew up thinking that our period is an inconvenience, therefore, this is how far we can think when it comes to grasp the concept of our cyclical nature.

Where, in fact, our period is just one part of it. It runs deeper than just our menstrual cycle.

It is our whole being and stays with us throughout all our feminine changes.

Our cyclical nature rules our physical body/health, strongly impacts our emotional landscape and influences our mental capacity.

Our cyclical nature through our body is our compass to everything… to our health, wealth and happiness.

It’s a bit of an alien concept to us, I know. This has not been on the table for centuries.

In the past four years, I’ve been re-learning, re-membering how to follow my cyclical nature. It taught me a lot and the moon has been the external teacher and guide to understand, and navigate my life from my cyclical nature.

As women, this is how our body works, this is our foundation. When we ignore this, there is a disconnect on the deepest level from ourselves. We don’t own our femaleness. We are disempowered and it shows up in our life experiences (inequality, #metoo campaign…).

And it is not a complicated thing to do, it is actually quite simple but it requires believing in your body-wisdom and you also need to be consistently doing the practice of following your cyclical nature.

Through my own practice, I identified simple and easy ways for any woman to do this. In the heart of it, there is a simple short 2-minutes daily anchoring practice.

It is a simple but powerful practice.

Through my own practice, I have come to believe that following the moon is a practical spiritual LIFE TOOL for women.

It opens me up for the day. It gives me the confidence to trust myself and my choices instead of second guessing.

It gives me emotional stability and groundedness

Moon work guides me through tough periods, I come out at the other end much faster and with so much more self-belief.

It gives me a solid self care practice which is crucial and we women can often put ourselves to the end of the list.

As a result, I’ve gone full cycle of finding myself, my soul and my path. I have found the work and life that I am here to live.


  • Diana Adamko

    Modern Woman - Ancient Wisdom - Reclaimed - Be The Woman Who You Were Born To Be

    Diana Adamko is Spiritual Teacher, Divine Feminine Lifestyle Mentor, Time Line Therapist, Moon Priestess, Writer, Speaker, Female Empowermentist, Bonfire Lover, Mum, Partner.

    As a Divine Feminine Lifestyle Mentor she helps women to let go of overpowering masculinity rooted in their lives and belief systems that are holding us back from being ourselves and fully own our feminine wisdom. Women had been shamed and burnt in the past, yet we meant to operate and live from our desires. Diana guides women how to return to this natural state and live and create with our feminine magic. This has practical implications on everything in our daily lives. Diana teaches and inspires women to realign with their body-wisdom, to reconnect with their divine feminine through following their cycles, the moon cycles and of Mumma Nature and use them as their daily source of insights for their productivity, creativity , mental and emotional clarity and to live a truly happy and free life, be their most abundant, joyous grounded and connected selves.
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