We all use social media in today’s age, and several people spend a lot of time on apps like facebook, snapchat, and Instagram. While they bring a lot of benefits, there are a few setbacks too. For instance, you have seen a number of suicides and depression cases which initiated from social media. One of the biggest problems leading to these issues is the social media’s effect on body image. Here, we will thoroughly discuss the positives and negatives of it and what you must do.

The Positive Effect

Well, we will start with the positive side of it. On social media, we see celebrities and start posting their glamorous photos. We see individuals in our circle posting their pictures, with perfect body. Some might be going to the gym, others on a diet, and so on. It is very motivating and boosting for the individuals that are trying to lose weight and are struggling with their body. You gain confidence that if you can try, you can also attain a good shape.

The Negative Effect

But on the negative side of this, the consequences are more alarming. Many of the individuals who see images from their circles and celebrities find themselves in stress and depression. When you compare yourself to the others, you may start finding flaws in yourself. It is from where the negative thoughts initiate. You start feeling down and low, which leads to stress. Slowly and steadily, depression engulfs a person, destroying his or her mental health.

What To Do?

So, what you must do in this scenario? Where you should stand when it comes to social media’s effect on body image. Well, stop trying to be perfect. Accept that you are imperfect and there are some flaws with your body. It may not look great from the outside, but you must be a great person from the inside. Rather than spending time on making yourself perfect regarding your outer looks, work on your inner self, and try to make it better.

Don’t ever compare yourself to others. Don’t let people on social media embarrass you. When you accept who you are, you would be confident when going out in front of people. It is particularly the case with women. They tend to compare themselves with models and artists. Thus, they end up with a huge concern regarding their body. As you attempt to make yourself perfect, don’t go over the board as you may find yourself in deep trouble.