The most important things that I learned from Gandhiji’s inspiring life are…

The morals of non-violence, truth, love, and friendliness. It can’t be just one as Gandhiji has taught us so many prosperous lessons. Non-violence has shaken the ground of British but also created a place in someone’s heart. It is rare when violence wins as it causes the deaths of a big swarm of people, but non-violence wins always. Non-violence is the act of life that involves no fights and no deposition of dirt in anyone’s heart.

Truth has always been a pillar of existence. Truth is not the work of getting scared but the act of speaking with the courage which together forms the word, ‘couth’ The life of a candid being is a lot comfier than that of a deceptive one. A truth changes your life from mournful to ecstatic but a lie can change it from ecstatic to mournful.

Love is not the feeling of just invisibly loving someone, but it is the feeling of sacrificing. I learned this from Gandhiji’s act of abolishing untouchability. As Gandhiji was so affectionate to everyone, he eradicated the rule of not touching the untouchables. He considered everyone as his brothers and sisters. He loved them and his homeland, India. Which is why he fought for the freedom of it. He was so amicable to everyone and, so everyone loved him.

I learned that we should be affable to everyone so that they can become our friends and, we also don’t try to harm anyone. ‘Friendliness is next to Happiness is next to Godliness.” Gandhiji has touched my life. He has not only done remarkable works but also inspired us for the same. This helps us to be competent people and, others try to be it. If everyone follows the principles of Gandhiji, then everyone would be ethical. If this goes on from generation to generation, then we will triumph in making a better world.