Even in the internet age, books and their authors continue to not only influence our lives but to enhance them. There is something to be said about being able to just get lost in a good book. It helps one to forget the troubles of the day; it gives one the chance to use the imagination. We learn new vocabulary from books, and we often see new lingo created due to the popularity of a book. Who are the most notable authors of our time?

  1. Cormac McCarthy

Known for his apocalyptic The Road, Cormac McCarthy is taught in schools and a hit at the box office.

  1. Thomas Pynchon

Another futuristic writer, Pynchon wrote V, The Crying of Lot 49, and Gravity’s Rainbow.

  1. Margaret Atwood

Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale has been a hit in written form as well as a series of the same name.

  1. Toni Morrison

Morrison passed away in 2019 but left behind such favorites as Beloved and The Bluest Eye.

  1. J. K. Rowling

A whole new set of vocabulary has come into being because of Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

  1. Stephen King

Undoubtedly the King of Horror, Stephen King has given us several books, short stories, and films to chill and thrill us – The Shining, The Stand, and Shawshank Redemption are just a few.

  1. Khaled Hosseini

The author of The Kite Runner single-handedly opened up a niche for writing with a Middle Eastern flair.

  1. Alice Walker

Alice Walker made a name for herself with The Color Purple, but she is also the author of several short stories. She is a favorite in high school classrooms as well as in personal libraries.

  1. John Irving

One of Irving’s most popular books also became an on-screen classic, The Cider House Rules.

  1. John Green

Green has written several books that teens and young adults love; they are so popular that they end up on the big screen and are hits there as well. Green also found fame as a YouTube star. He does not see himself as a teacher, but his work is often utilized in the classroom.