The Most Obvious Step To Business Success That Most People Ignore — But Absolutely Works… Dre Baldwin

Sports is 100% about performance (skill) and results (stats, winning). No amount of connections or politics can overpower these. 

Business is performance- and results-based too. However, business requires an additional step. 

Since “business” is the exchange between seller and buyer, your marketing efforts play a big role in the results you get (or don’t get) in business. Marketing is the relationship between you and the people you serve. And relationships are always subjective. 

In sports, a great performer, even if they’re a total jerk/bitch, will eventually be seen and known. The game is set up to make it happen. A high-level sports performer can go far in their game without ever mastering marketingrelationships or people skills. 

In business, a great performer will… just be a great performer. Perhaps this fact will be known only by the performer himself, a handful of believers and maybe their pet dogs.

Performance in business can be giving a great speech, how well your product works, hosting a life-altering online workshop. In sports, that would be all you need: just do it, and we see. 

In business, though, the only way you can prove it is by creating exchanges with people who need them — THEN you can show your game. Sometimes this is reversed: show your game, then get the exchange — the fact is, it’s a 2-step process that you’re fully responsible for. Sports is a one-step process; step 2 (reward) happens on its own. The NBA, for example, has a pay scale that guarantees a minimum 6-figure salary for everyone with a job. 

If you’re in business, you’re in BUSINESS — you need to create exchanges to get results for your performance.

In sports, results are built into the fabric of the games. The winners get the trophies; the best players get MVP awards. It’s all laid out clearly for all to see

In business, the results (exchanges) are achieved by those who do the best job of making their performance known to the right people in the right places at the right times (aka marketing). This is an additional step that a lot of athletes never have to worry about (there are some exceptions, myself being one of them). 

I was lucky enough that I had to learn this, and I had the requisite skill to use it. There are some really good athletes out there who will never get the proper results for their skills, because they (wrongly) think that the first job — performing — is their only job. 

They may be right —  if so, you’ll see them in the NBA and NFL. Those guys only need to perform; marketing is extra icing on the cake. 

If they’re wrong? You’ll never know their names and all that talent goes to waste.

For the most part, when you watch professional sports, you know you’re watching the best of the best the sport has to offer. Again, the sports world is designed to identify and elevate the best. Straight Meritocracy. 

In business, there will often be someone who’s  decidedly better than the known commodity, but no one knows about them — because that person couldn’t or didn’t make the sale that would lead to the proper attention. 

In sports, the performance is everything. 

In business, performance matters, but the sale is everything

Know the Game you’re in. 

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