Are you sitting at home right now dreaming about how you’d love to quit your job and start your own business, fall in love again or even pack your bags and fly across the country to some unknown destination but then you think to yourself, what will they think? What will my neighbors and the people at church think when my new business doesn’t take off right away? What will my family think about me being in love again when the ink on my divorce papers isn’t even dry yet? And yes everyone I know will call me irresponsible if I just got up and left. Everyone.

Have you ever noticed that you put a higher value on the thoughts of others then you do on your own? If you haven’t yet, I imagine that this is making you think about all the times you didn’t do something because you were afraid of the judgment that would have been thrown your way. All the times you said “no” when you really wanted to say “Yes!” All the times you let someone else’s opinion get in the way.

But when faced with your last day how will you feel? Will you be happy having had the opinions of others keep you from living the life you wanted to live? I doubt it. Your life is yours and yours alone. Make sure you live it that way.

But how do you live your life the way you want to without concern for what others might say? Well, you just do. I know it sounds simple, so I’m going to explain what “just doing it” really means: 

  • You spend less time thinking and more time doing. 
  • You embrace who you are. Every beautiful piece and you leave the rest behind. 

The only way to live your best life is to start following your heart and chasing after all that it desires. Here are some ways you can start living the life of your dreams today:

Prioritize and Value Your Thoughts & Beliefs

When you start prioritizing and valuing own thoughts & beliefs, and dreams more than you do on those of someone else you are actually teaching others to treat you the way you want to be treated. But yes, I get it. You’re probably thinking to yourself but I’ve been living this way my whole life! How can I change now?

Be Yourself

The only way to rid yourself of the need to appease the masses is by coming home to you. By being you. By loving every beautiful, unique piece of who you are, regardless of what someone else might think. Know that  YOU are all that matters and start loving yourself the way you wish someone else would love you.

Be Honest With Yourself

Get honest and true about your purpose, your own needs and your values by honing in on what makes you happy (instead of what doesn’t make you happy) about your life. 

Develop Healthy Habits

Continue to put the focus on yourself by adapting healthy behaviors such as exercise, meditation and eating to nourish your body, these will then fill your heart with more reasons to love. Spend time with people who support your dreams and when that rare occurrence occurs when you find yourself surrounded by a person, or in an environment that triggers your inner critic remind yourself that you are love.

You are perfect the way you are and when you come home to yourself the opinions of others will no longer affect you. Of course, there is no way to get other people to stop having negative opinions, but think of it more as observing other peoples opinions without making those opinions yours. When you begin to embrace yourself as you are there is no room for self-doubt.

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