Tony “Super” Chang grew up moving around from one California city to the next, cementing uncertainty into the mind at a young age. When Chang became a young adult, the uncertainty did not waiver, and the task of choosing a life path became difficult. After making several career moves and being unhappy at job after job, Chang made the push to become his own boss and made the commitment to chasing financial freedom his own way. Now the founder and head of Super Jewelry Co, Tony Chang is using his experience to inspire and motivate young entrepreneurs to be their true selves and to keep a healthy mental.

Tony Chang realized he was unhappy with his life path halfway through a college degree. “I went through a period where I had a negative balance in my checking account and had to use my points from my credit card to keep afloat,” Chang explained. “The most difficult challenge that I am so happy to have overcome is having self-worth, self-confidence, and self-acceptance to put myself out there for the world to experience.” After analyzing where he was at in life, Chang realized what he desired emotionally, spiritually, and fiscally. After readingĀ Rich Dad Poor Dad, written by entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki, Chang knew he wanted to take steps to become both financially and mentally free.

A major turning point for Chang came after meeting CEO of Ablaze International, a well-known jewelry corporation, and getting a career in the jewelry industry. After joining the Ablaze crew for 6 years, Tony felt he now had a strong understanding of the industry and knew the ropes well enough to forge his own jewelry business. In 2018, Tony Chang founded Super Jewelry Co and began life as his own boss. “I sell Fine Real 10K and 14K gold jewelry, create custom jewelry, and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs to create a revenue stream of their own,” Chang shares of his company. Putting an emphasis on positive customer interactions and putting clients above all else, Chang treats his clients like family.

Picking up copious amounts of knowledge of life and industry along the way, Chang felt a need to pass on what he had learned now that he had established himself. Looking to inspire the next generation of hopeful entrepreneurs, Chang is willing and excited to share his advice with anyone who is willing to listen. “It takes believing in yourself,” Chang urges. “If you don’t [believe in yourself] at first, having just one person really believe in you [can make the difference].” Tony Chang has put a major emphasis on self-determination and the overcoming of insecurities to find his way to the top. “Life indeed is a game, and those who put themselves out there to play will get hurt the most, but will end up winning sooner or later.”

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