A note of self-talk. 

I am probably the best person I know at being negative in regards to where I am in life and talking myself down about life. We all feel the pull from time to time, you’re doing fine and enjoying life, you feel like you are smashing work and doing well in life. Then you’ll have a day where you think ‘shit, I’m not even close to where I want to be’ and then pours in the self doubt. You stew over all the stuff that you think you’ve done wrong, all the decisions that have led you to here and what you could have done better. You sit and get worked up about where you are and where you ‘should be’. It starts to dawn on you that maybe you’ve done it all wrong and you future is doomed. 


Whatever you are telling yourself is true. 

So, if you tell yourself you are smashing life and you are on the track to getting to where you want to be and that this is all part of a grander plan to get there then you are. If you tell yourself you are shit at life and that nothing is coming together and you are on a fast-track to nowhere… you will be. That’s the beauty of life really. 

The story that gets told is narrated by you. 

As you go through your life, you tell yourself if you had a good or bad day, if you had a successful meeting or not, if you are on the path or not. It is all narrated by you. Which is wonderful in a sense, really wonderful because you get to tell the story how you want it, and you can build yourself up and spur yourself on. The ability to tell your own story, to yourself, whilst sounding kind of matrix like, is really important. Whatever story you are telling yourself, do yourself a favour and make it a positive one. 

You are going to tell it anyway, it might as well be good.