Faith is the force on which the whole world is established, our level of rising above that which we cannot see but yet feel. All of that which holds this whole world together is unseen, yet all is felt. We have been given many discernments along this path to reach connection with others over the ego. This is what we must invest in, the importance of others over the desires for our self interest. The depth of passing over the ego is revealed according to our efforts from our desire to apply and exert in the desires for others. If we desire to serve with all of our heart, above our ego, the needs of others, we then see we are deficient in faith as our ego is shown to us as greater and greater each time. Thus we are always seeking to rise above our ego to come close and understand the true depth of our collective Nature.

Through coronavirus we have been revealed as the children in this process, not the adults as we would like to be. We were sent to our collective room in time out, to review where we stand and what we are to do next. Must seek how to have the strength to rise above our own ego from within each heart and as a global collective desire.

We have been given this exercise to be concerned about the general force we have together, to demand the force of mutual guarantee. This is the anti egoistic force we must seek to receive, each one and everyone together. As we desire to have the strength as one entity

What are the differences in the force of faith ? How do we acquire the force of faith and what do we do with it when we receive it? Our collective cry has been and is being raised, seeking understanding, through the pain, the sorrow, now coming out into the daylight. We must begin our exit from the collective global ego in our present darkest hour, so we shall not require darker hour in order to connect with all others in a true mutual guarantee.

The opposites, being far apart and yearning for the closeness, this is love. We have been created opposite of the true nature of creation. The human, speaking type as compared to the still, vegetative and animal. The speaking aspect seeks always to cultivate the ego and its seeming desires, whereas the still, vegetative and animal only require their needs for sustenance, not the excess which we do. So let’s cultivate this love, the moving of all to the scale of merit. It is up to each one of us individually and collectively, none excluded. The one body cannot function to its fullest extent without each cell partaking in sharing the nutrients with all its parts.

In this closed system we do this automatically within our thoughts and intentions, to arn and to realize connection for all our global, connected parts. May all the parts connect together in their heart as one woman, as one mother would for all humanity as our children, thus they will have provisions as is our desire for our own children.

Animals spend all of their time working on connecting for sustenance and family, humans do not. They are not inclined for others and as such we are not doing what we were intended to do. Thus spending all of our time 80% working for self and excess, 20% of our time for others. Should be 80% for others and 20% work, when we follow the patterns of nature. A clarification of our relationships with nature, is what we are considering going forward in this society with the time we have been given. We have the time to think really well about the integrality of nature, how everything is calculated ahead of time, in order for us to clarify the interactions in parts of nature, working towards the interaction with its parts, seeking a greater interaction with each other.

The attribute of singularity exists in each one of us, extending from the source, no one is free from it, for desires of the heart for governance or for honor, this is what defines the difference and how we choose to use it. Will we choose to use it by building upon the ruin of our friend? Nature is a closed integral, global system, we are the summit on one hand and on the other we are the downfall as we have the freedom of will being able to change our environment to educate and change ourselves and this we must do. Not to just behave instinctually, but to interact with calculation and intention for others as one complete system.

Correct relationship between people, is when with intention we aspire together with one goal that others would feel well. Our closed system for creation is ordered in this way, as exemplified by nature, and if we interact in this way, all will go well.

To discover the purpose of life, this deeper connection as a common force to be revealed between us as divided into you and I, yet as one force. So when we each aspire to this connection and find the common force, we connect on this higher degree, causing everything to manifest also in this higher degree. Coming to a state of internality and perfection, this is our goal to seek this state and enter into it together. A person turns that which he creates into that which controls him, from a host into a slave. Look at financial institutions, they were enslaved by working such long hours. We will now be working less, feeling more free rather than being enslaved by the industrialization of the modern world. In a balanced manner technology is to be a helper, not a master.

We were filled with advertisements and retail outlets, all of which are now extinct. Nature does not agree to such a state of living, which is why the coronavirus appeared to remove that which is opposite of its balance. We need to have mutual understanding and connection instead, manifesting in provision for all. If we do not, we shall see many more viruses appearing. All of us are already infected, different age groups feel the range of symptoms as all extends from within our connection or lack thereof. Yes, all the ills of the world can be healed if we connect in our hearts to the extent we were designed to do.

We have been given and must receive this one common injection for healing, being content with our new state, seeking how to implement a universal consensus. This would be…. what do the others consider a benefit, not what do I consider as the benefit. It can no longer be about what I feel is right as this is what brought us all into slavery to our ego. A slave feels it belongs to his owner and has no worries, knows he will be fed, has sleeping quarters, family is also provided for, thus provides a contract for the slaves. We were a slave to the financial system of the world and its previous process where you could be fired, as your master and host was only concerned about how to benefit the bottom line. A person was used, not even realizing he was a slave. This contract is revoked, revealing a jubilee of sorts for all to go free.

Previously, nothing of mutual guarantee existed. Now this has been removed and we are free to adhere to Nature which seeks to surround us with loving arms and bountiful provisions. We are being shown the potential, it is time to choose to remain in the pain or choose the potential. This is what has been provided by coronavirus. Our new choice. None can remain behind, for we will all have to wait for each one to choose to partake as we are all part of this integral system, none are excluded.

We all pay attention to become like nature, to become integrated with your surrounding group of people and work on developing those relationships over and above the differences, allowing all parts to co exist together, different, yet as one. Same as nature. If we do not we will not have any opportunity to survive. We must transform society. Making concessions to allow others to want to be in a good relationship with you. We are not connected with the upper force until we connect from here, must be from below upwards, this is the completion of the cycle within the system. From above downwards and then the circuit is completed when we respond connected as integral and good, from below to upwards.

Everything we do, we follow the herd mentality, so we really don’t have any freedom. The whole system as we know it is being squeezed for all the pieces to seek adherence to the integral, circular movement of nature. Our society needs to be moved by those who are seeking to protect us from nature’s breakdown which we cause by our senseless excessive production and consumption for each our own personal gain. We cannot escape our global society any longer. We must gradually come to understand our process and how we may be assisting in the process. It is all about education, for if we do not know what we are a part of, we cannot partake in the process.

So let us begin to learn now we have been given the time to do so. How we consist of two parts, animal and human in one kind, yet we conform to the world of animals, instinctually. The human needs to be above competition, to be above animal nature, only this is how we will survive. By rising above our ego, which is this instinctual response system, otherwise we will cease to exist. In this forthcoming society, each and every teacher will be held in great esteem, instead of the past overrated values we have placed upon other professions.

The first response was and is, a calmness, then will come the resistance, which will be revealed increasingly, then increasingly more we will reach the state of seeking the education and understanding to move forward. This education process has already been made available widely for access as all are made ready, each in their own language. The quarantine is not going to end soon, we have time to work, may we join one large zoom room together with one intention for all !