In this era where everything seems to be insant, where almost anything is available online, where everything is accessible now. How can we distinguish if the universe or God, is sending us a message? What if we didn’t catch it, what if we missed it because we’re too busy caught up with a lot of things. This is a challenge. 

What if it supposed to change your life forever. What if this is what we’ve been waiting for all our lives. I think one of the ways that will reopen our hearts and minds to all the possibilities that life sends us–is to stay present. 

Don’t forget to cherish every moments of our lives. Reflect on the things that makes us happy and contented. Record it. Journal it. Celebrate it. 

Share your gifts like talents and special skills. Go on a retreat or maybe a vacation. Enrich your soul. Meditate. Have inner peace. And live your full truth. 

Im sure that if we stay present and with full awareness. We can catch what God or the universe has set for us to accomplish, to be on a journey of self-discovery. To let everyone know that you can impart something valuable. To die with great contribution–to live a life of legacy.