I’m convinced there’s one common fear that we should avoid taking into 2017…and that’s the “fear of missing something”. Truth be told, it’s the reason why we can’t unplug from Social Networks, the reason why we sleep with our phones at night, even the reason why we text and drive(be honest)…because of the fear that we’re going to miss something. I’m a Living Witness, as I’ve joined the many out there who have subscribed to the notion that Living in the moment means not to miss a single one. The “notifications” on our phones have become like fuel for an unnecessary fire to respond right away…or else. Or else what, I had to ask myself. Oh, I know, or else you fall victim to that unspoken risk of losing “Social Cred,” and looking like you weren’t on the Network, not connected, or behind when it comes to notification time. No one wants to be known as the last person to know or respond to something, but I have found freedom from this in two words, ”So What?!?!” You missed a notification, you didn’t see that viral video yet, you weren’t the first to see that picture that proves your ex has moved on…”So What?!?!” The truth about “Living In The Moment” is to really Live in the Moment, and not in every moment all at once. (Selah) Even The Law of Physics says two things cant occupy the same space at the same time…so why are we trying to do that virtually, and then wondering why we feel so unfulfilled, so rundown…so blahhh? Hmmmm, let’s make a commitment in 2017 to leave this mindset behind, and be ok with not knowing…”right away.” If Life is anything like CNN, then everything we need to see or know will just keep replaying somehow until we catch it. And when we do, it will be just at the right time that we were suppose to, not when our notifications said we should. Let’s also make a commitment to be present and confident in each moment we’re in, not just in an effort to get to the next step, but because we have been Blessed to be in that particular moment at that particular time, right where we were suppose to be! I believe, just like our DNA, we are all unique and all made with a specific purpose in mind. So let’s go against the grain and be ok with having a Life set to our own unique schedule, not one the world dictates. And on that note, Cheers to 2017 and knowing, it’s impossible to miss what’s intended for you when you’re at peace embracing it at it’s appointed time. Thriving, ~L.

Originally published at medium.com