No matter your gender, we can all agree that talking about periods is something that is considered taboo by society today. When someone needs to ask for a pad or a tampon, you will often hear them whispering it from across the room. Or if someone wants to put a feminine product in their friend’s purse, they will hide and conceal it so no one can see.

That’s because from a very young age, we are taught that menstruating is this special, private experience that is best kept to ourselves. It’s not something we feel is appropriate to share with the room, and should be whispered amongst women, in the privacy of the women’s bathroom. 

Why do we tell young girls that having their period is something to keep quiet? Why does our society make menstruation out to be some terrible experience that is ‘gross’ and ‘unbecoming?’

There are a lot of proposed answers, from female empowerment and the actual act of bleeding, to patriarchal structures and the discussion of human dignity. Regardless of its origin, by preventing women from learning about their bodies and discussing it with others, they are, many times, prevented from accessing the materials and facilities they need to live happy and healthy lives. 

At the end of the day, menstruating is a human right, and should be treated as such. Menstruation is so integral in the female experience, that it actually has to do with just about every health issue, problem, or concern that a female will experience in her lifetime. One of those health concerns is none other than weight gain (or weight loss).

Periods Impact Weight Loss

That’s right, your period can impact your ability to lose weight. Sound weird? It shouldn’t. When you think about it, your period is a cyclical occurrence that your body prepares for every 28-30 days. When a woman undergoes her period, it can impact her health routine in a few ways: kick-start cravings, decrease fitness motivation, and shift mindset beliefs. The psychological changes that come with a period can make it hard for women to continue a weight loss journey.

That’s because the weight loss journey starts in the subconscious, right inside of our mindsets.

“Weight loss is just as much mental as it is physical, which is why menstruation can impact a woman’s weight loss journey,” said Ryan of the Weight Loss Academy. “That’s why our platform is dedicated to female weight loss and the consideration of the period along the way. Instead of keeping it quiet, we believe this cycle should be openly discussed and considered in health management. We wholeheartedly believe the world needs to embrace the period with us, too.”

To date, the ONE Guys have helped over 30,000 women transform their bodies and gain confidence in the way they look and feel. They work one-on-one with women in an educational setting to explore the complexities and nuances of weight loss as a woman, in tandem with menstruation. The result is weight loss that actually sticks.

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