Have you ever seen a sportsperson excel without exercising? If you want to be fit, you need to exercise. The only way to improve is to change, that’s the mantra Jason Binn lives by. There are many people who want to change the world, but there are few people who are willing to change themselves to improve. Jason Binn a famous media mogul, the CEO and founder of DuJour media is a firm believer of change. He says – “No two days are the same. If you want the next day to be better, then you have to do something you have never done.” 

See the positive possibilities

People often assume change to be bad. We are so used to things being the same, that we feel threatened by change. But Jason Binn encourages people to embrace change. “Like they say, change is the only constant. Try to see the positive possibilities and you will have a lot to look forward to.” Jason Binn is one of the few entrepreneurs who adapted to change gracefully. With the digitization of print media in the late 2000s, Jason saw an opportunity to grow his publication. He smartly amalgamated both digital and print media. Now, he has created a niche for himself and his publication. Jason leveraged the change in media to his benefit. 

Do not succumb

During the digitalization, many publications succumbed to the change. They assumed print had no future. But the truth about business is there is always a future. Jason shares his knowledge, he says – “ Do not succumb to changes around you. Rather try to adapt accordingly. As an entrepreneur you will realise the market never stays the same, it always keeps changing.” Like Henry Ford said – “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said don’t change anything”. A true entrepreneur does not give up. Jason was overwhelmed with the change in the industry, but that did not stop him from creating luxurious magazines for the elite few. 

Patience is a virtue

It is often said that patience is the virtue of the brave. Ancient monks used to train using the water slapping method. Many ask, why not just lift weights and build strength? But water slapping is more about the mind than the body, it is about honing your patience and focus. Jason Binn believes that patience is a virtue, he has spent almost 20 years working on his dream. “ In all these years I have learnt that rushing into anything is a bad idea. Patience pays off.” But it isn’t always about waiting. “Patience without hardwork is laziness. So, keep working on your dream even though you do not see progress. In the end, your struggle, patience and hardwork will definitely pay off.” 

“ When you want to achieve something in life, you need to understand the process of what it takes to achieve it.” 

 Be a life-long student

At 53, Jason Binn has figured out the lesson of life. “I have been studying the market for years. I am a lifelong student.” He believes that learning never stops. “ The truth is change is constant,so learning should be continuous.” If you assume you know everything, there will always be something that will bring you down. Businesses fall apart due to lack of learning. Jason Binn has been in the industry for decades, he has successfully created DuJour media. He has carefully constructed and curated a committed audience. Binn’s model is still heralded as the gold standard for luxury, wealth, and influence in U.S. major markets. “ I learned early on that in order to be successful, you have to keep learning and keep educating yourself. Your experiences will shape your future. So always be aware of what life is trying to tell you. It is very important to listen.” 

Jaosn Binn became one of the most popular media moguls in business through his fearless determination, extreme patience and sheer talent. Even when the industry went through a total shift, Jason chose to see the bright side. “The only way to improve is to change.”. He smartly created his own meaningful media company, DuJour which remains relevant in this day and age. The trick is to use change as a blessing and try to adapt, improve and overcome.