Michael Giannulis

Food is fuel for the body. Eating healthy food provides nutrition and nutrition confirms how food affects our wellbeing.

Factors causing poor nutrition – Mike Gianulis

Following an unhealthy diet leads to poor nutrition. In addition to fitness levels, nutrition also determines your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Following a diet that does not have enough nutrients results in low levels of energy and can also affect mindfulness and other severe health problems. A deficient diet encompasses over-eating or inadequate nutrient intake, eating processed and packaged food or devouring a lot of food laden with fat.

How does a bad diet affect you?

An unhealthy diet with few to no nutrients can mar your health and wellness. It can lower confidence and hinder your social life. It also leads to stress and weakens the ability to carry out daily errands.

Listed below are a few hazards caused by unhealthy eating.


Obesity is the condition of being overweight. This is a lifestyle disorder where an individual has an excess amount of body fat. Obese people have a body mass index (also known as BMI) of more than 25.

Excessive body fat can lead to numerous ailments, putting people at risk for diseases that may be fatal.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is a severe health issue that elevates the risk of heart problems and even causes death. Therefore, it is known as a silent killer, if left unattended for too long. Unhealthy food that is high in fats, sugar, and salt can also cause this ailment.

Hypertension is a severe medical condition that can be very dangerous if not controlled.

High cholesterol

An unhealthy diet can also increase your body’s cholesterol levels, resulting in various heart problems. Foods that are high in fat can raise cholesterol levels. Food containing saturated fats are also high in cholesterol. A person with risks of cholesterol issues should avoid processed and fatty food items and replace them with fresh fruits and lean meat.


Another lifestyle disorder resulting from poor nutrition is diabetes, commonly known as high blood sugar. It a serious medical condition when the body’s sugar level goes above average. This disease is caused by a low lifestyle with few to zero activities. A diabetic person should avoid food high in sugar and fat.

A diet lacking adequate nutrients adversely affects the health of people. The deterioration of health takes place gradually over a long period. You need to appreciate local and healthy food, replacing packaged ones.

Easy guide to Wellness and Nutrition

A well-nourished diet aids the growth and development of young children and protects the young and old from becoming vulnerable to chronic ailments such as diabetes or obesity. Eating a nutrient-rich diet helps people live a longer life, staying healthy and active during their lifetime. To save yourself from the perils of severe chronic ailments, make sure you include nutritious home-cooked food in your diet and swap unhealthy eating habits for good dietary patterns. Once you achieve a healthy body, you will feel that you are on a new lease of life as propounded by Mike Giannulis