After interviewing people that have overcome illnesses, accidents and trauma for half a decade I noticed a few things amongst them. The people that have experienced the darkest moments are experiencing the success today as entrepreneurs.

Do you wonder how this could be? If you are as keen to discover the connection as I was lets take a closer look.

Below the surface, there are a few common traits. John Ramstead was thrown by a horse and nearly lost his life. Despite being severely restricted in the hours he is permitted to work due to his injuries, he has become a thriving Business Coach, Consultant, and Speaker. Michele Rosenthal suffered an allergic reaction to medication that left her fighting for her life and then living with PTSD for years. After receiving treatment to cure her PTSD she went on to become a Trauma Recovery Specialist and is helping others overcome trauma. MJ Callaway overcame Cancer and is now a Professional Speaker inspiring many. Nate Ridgeway went from overweight and broke to debt-free, top network marketer and a sought after John Maxwell Coach. `

Each person has shared a unique journey yet all of them have displayed resilience, a growth mindset and refused to give up. It was not always easy and they have faced devastation, pain, and frustration. When you are receiving Chemo, healing in the hospital or feeling as if you are sitting at the bottom of a trench all alone, it can be difficult, even impossible to work a regular job.

Many of the people I have interviewed began to focus on what they could do in the times of darkness. It was in the darkness that that seeds were sown. They began in their mind as a vision or a dream and were watered by faith and desire. Little cracks began to allow the sun to shine and over time they grew and grew.

Doing what they could, when they were able, they began to experience success as entrepreneurs. Some of the people I interviewed healed fully while others were never the same. There was not a noticeable difference, despite this difference, they all blossomed, grew wings and flew.

They lifted up everyone around them. Just as entrepreneurs network with many others they brought joy to the nurses, doctors, other patients and sometimes their own family members.

Whatever you’re going through right now, whether it is a painful divorce, sickness or trauma, I leave you with this quote.

“You are now, and you do become, what you think about.” 
― Earl Nightingale, The Strangest Secret

If you think you can do it you have won half the battle. When you find your passion, you will have already planted the seeds. Water them, keep out the weeds and care for them with love. Step by step you will find yourself growing.

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