With rising incidences of covid-19, work from home caught up prominence. Digital technology enabled work from home with inputs from colleagues on the laptop. Continuous instructions from a colleague without lunch breaks and other essential breaks led people to digital fatigue. The work commitment without work and life balance provided stress while getting exhausted with deadlines. 

These could be prevented by collaborating with colleagues and providing specified tasks to specified candidates, promoting their health and well-being. While skype and zoom had been used for the meeting. Google meet and other software applications have made meeting and collaboration convenient without the requirement of other applications. However, meetings that are action or goal-oriented are important as it solves the problem that has arisen. The productivity discussion enabled individuals more time to focus and reflect on them while learning to solve them with different possibilities. 

Sitting in front of the laptop for a prolonged time can hamper your health, further leading to psychological stress which in turn radiates to the body causing physical problems such as back pain because of a sedentary lifestyle. Less physical activity and prolonged sitting hours affected health. 

Discussing the important points over the phone or chats for a short time also enables individuals to prevent digital fatigue, while executing their productivity at work. This also promotes a sense of well-being without getting distracted now and then with zoom meetings or calls that do not lead towards any solution. The main concern of discussion is for getting work done productively without losing balance. Hence, discussing work-related concerns priority-wise enabled them to probe those areas and get them resolved. This allowed healthy collaboration between colleagues representing good teamwork.