The time of COVID-19 has been hard on everyone. Each one of us went through one thing or the other.

I’m Nikunj Agarwal, a student of standard 12. The time of pandemic was hard to go through due to the constant battle to be safe and still being productive. We all have gone through losses, they may be major or minor and there is very less to get all cheered up about. The second wave hit us again , even worse than before and the things came to pause all over again. But I saw a ray of hope to pull myself away from all of this and to be at peace and make my mind a happy and healthy place.Few months into the pandemic and I was restless and worried about my studies. Boards are considered to be a big deal and there is ofcourse an unseen pressure to ace it and I was preparing hard for it. But I want to divert my mind to be refreshed and feel at ease.

Everyone has their share of hobbies but what attracts me most is marketing, especially how to ace this field in the era of digitalization. The importance of digitalization is increasing day by day and it undoubtedly has a number of benefits. The best and easiest way I know is that, “Digitization is an automation of manual and paper-based processes, empowered by the digitization of various information. Digitalizing an organization provides an advantage of doing things faster, better and cheaper. This can offer better profits and value-producing opportunities.

“Digitalization improve the efficiency of a business’s process, consistency, and quality.Integrating conventional records into a digitised system removing redundancies and shortening the communications chain.Improve accessibility and facilitate better information exchange for staff and users. Improve response time and customer service anywhere in the world Reduce costs operating costs.

It comes with many benefits as:Enhanced data collection, Greater resource management, Data-driven customer insights, An overall better customer experience, Increased profits.

Hence, after learning about digital marketing and digital PR for months and studying the facts thoroughly I came up with an idea. And I laid the foundation of Digitary Media. In the time of the pandemic where thousands lost their jobs and are trying to set up something new online or for those who already have their business online but stepping out to expand is dangerous. Here is where social media marketing and advertising plays its role. So I planned on helping people in a different manner. By securing their business by marketing them at a level which will enhance their output. This pandemic helped me surely to find a goal and helping others out helped my heart feel delighted.